Turf Magazine - January, 2013


New Products Galore at 2012 IA Show & Conference

Kichler expands Design Pro LED

Kichler adds new 12-volt Accent and In-Ground Lights to its Design Pro LED line of professional-grade landscape lighting. With a sleek design style and advanced optics for even greater energy efficiency, these fully potted and sealed fixtures feature a range of color temperature choices and a variety of beam spread options.

The Design Pro LED Lighting Systems features Radiax optics that drives increased output from LED chips for better performance. Radiax optics are side-powered on larger fixtures and center-powered on smaller ones. Both designs result in precise, powerful and efficient landscape lighting, and offer the greatest lumens per watt in the industry. The 12-volt Design Pro LED Accent and In-Ground Lights are available in 2,700 Kelvin (K) and 3,000 K, five lumen options and three beam spread options.

With a 40,000-hour lifespan and a 15-year residential warranty, the Design Pro LED Accent Lights have an aesthetically classic design. They feature an integrated cowl for glare-control and come in small, medium and large sizes, as well as a cast bronzed brass in-ground light fixture.

Visit www.landscapelighting.com.

Netafim water management

Netafim USA introduces the M Series, the industry's smallest sub-meters for residential and commercial dripline irrigation systems. The new mini-meters communicate directly with irrigation controllers and measure water usage for more efficient resource management.

The M Series can be installed with all Netafim landscape dripline and is also adaptable to other low-volume systems. The meters are available in 0.75-inch and 1-inch diameters and feature durable plastic or corrosion-proof metal bodies. The sub-meters monitor flow rates from 0.2 to 20 GPM at pressures up to 140 PSI. Flow rates are reported in U.S. gallons, based on multiplication factors indicated on the meter dial faces.

Netafim meters feature just one moving part, an impeller that contacts with the water flow, to ensure minimal wear and tear and longer life. To prevent fogging, the meter's magnetic- driven registers are hermetically sealed and encapsulated within the metal or plastic bodies.

The M Series offers a warranty of three years on the metering components (register and metering assembly), and five years on the meter body. Visit www.netafimusa.com.

Rain Bird ESP-Me

The new Rain Bird ESP-Me controller builds upon the best features of predecessor, the ESP Modular, including Rain Bird's Extra Simple Programming. While the ESP Modular was limited to 13 stations, the ESP-Me offers capacity of up to 22 stations.

Rain Bird's new ESP-Me controller offers capacity up to 22 stations and is ideal for residential and light commercial sites.
Simply install the optional three-station or six-station modules and expand the ESP-Me from its standard four stations all the way up to 22 stations.

"Because of its expandability, the ESP-Me can control both residential and light commercial irrigation systems," says C. Todd Green, product manager for Rain Bird controllers. "This controller's versatility allows contractors to serve a broader range of customers and gives them confidence that any crew member can program the controller."

The ESP-Me also offers a new Delay Watering feature allowing users to postpone irrigation for up to 14 days and then automatically return to the normal watering schedule. It also features a Seasonal Adjust by Program feature allowing users to reduce watering to as little as 5 percent of the scheduled program times in cooler, wetter conditions or increase it up to 200 percent during warmer, drier weather.

Visit www.rainbird.com.

Water-saving upgrades can be added to Toro's EVOLUTION as clients' needs grow.


The Toro EVOLUTION irrigation controller incorporates an easy-to-understand digital interface. It will be available in two models: an indoor model, as well as an outdoor model that features a locking door cover. EVOLUTION will be manufactured as a standard four-zone controller, with the option to add up to two four-zone modules or one 12-zone module for a total of up to 16 irrigation zones.

The EVOLUTION controller was designed to perform like a traditional time-based controller, but could evolve into a "smart" controller with water-saving upgrades that can be added during installation or over time as the homeowner's needs evolve. This is a professional irrigation controller that features an intuitive menu-based, large graphical LCD control system.

Inspired by tablet and smartphone technology, EVOLUTION's icon-labeled control buttons allow homeowners and gardeners to perform simple actions, like "Water Now" and "Adjust" watering amount, as well as advanced access for landscape contractors. Simple "Home" and "Help" buttons are included to aid the end user as well. For more information, go to www.toro.com/irrigation.

WeatherTRAK Mobile

HydroPoint Data Systems releases WeatherTRAK Mobile, the application for WeatherTRAK two-way Smart Irrigation Controllers compatible with iPhones, iPads and Android-based smartphones or tablets. WeatherTRAK Mobile delivers anytime, anywhere mobile control, manual irrigation and one-click customer support.

"Our customers appreciate that WeatherTRAK Mobile and the full suite of cloud-based water management tools consistently save them time, water and money," says Chris Spain, HydroPoint CEO and president. "Designed for ease of use, WeatherTRAK Mobile delivers immediate response, measurable value and optimized efficiency to extend our service platform of 24/7 remote visibility, automated site monitoring and industry-leading real-time central control applications."

Available for free download in the iTunes and Google Play stores, the WeatherTRAK Mobile app allows existing users to run manual irrigation at the station level or access centralized dashboards for WeatherTRAK ET Pro2 Smart Water Manager and the new WeatherTRAK LC Central controllers by Smartphone to enhance remote visibility and productivity across a site, account or nation-wide portfolio. Visit www.WeatherTRAK.com.

Underhill Novo 2Wire Converter

Underhill's new Novo 2Wire Converter converts any controller (Rain Bird, Toro, Hunter) to 2Wire operation.

How 2Wire works: Only one pair of two wires runs from the controller to all valves in the system and 24 VAC power and address signal are sent over the same pair of wires. Valves are installed along the two-wire path. Each valve has an individual "field decoder" (or receiver switch) installed at the solenoid.

Every valve field decoder/receiver has a unique address that identifies it to the controller. Signals are sent to each valve field decoder/receiver from the controller telling it when to open or close. Any existing or new commercial controller can easily be converted to two-wire operation with up to 63 stations.

Novo controls 32 stations and is expandable in eight-station increments up to 63 stations. 2Wire systems are more cost-effective, requiring less labor and materials. Novo can be used with new 2Wire installations and "hybrid systems" (expansion of multi-wire installations). Visit www.underhill.us.

Please visit http://bit.ly/VQLHKk for other new products appearing at this past fall's IA Show.