Turf Magazine - August, 2013



When you need help loosening up a troublesome lawn, soil aerators are the tools of choice to repair soil compaction. And today's aerators are much easier to use than those of the past. The new units are lightweight, making them easier to navigate around your clients' lawns. If you are in the market for a new aerator, or are thinking of adding aeration to your existing business, make sure to start your search here!

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AerWay by SAF-Holland Canada Limited

AerWay produces several models of aerators from 45 inches to 15 feet with a variety of tines available for initial soil preparation for new installation or maintenance of an existing turf application.


Billy Goat

The 19-inch AE400 Series features soft tine engagement and Lift n Lock disengagement, as well as a proprietary water tank for better aeration depth and to eliminate bulky steel weights.


Brinly-Hardy Co.

Brinly's 48-inch plug aerator features 32 heat-treated 16-gauge steel spoons that extract soil plugs up to 3 inches deep. Each of the four sections rotate independently to pull plugs even during turns.



The AccuAire core aerator features a FlexWing design to follow contour of the ground, and is equipped to use slicer blades or core spoons. Available in three-point and trailer models.


C&S Turf Care Equip.

The Turf Tracker Power Pod has a 30-inch aeration width, independent hub design to aerify continuously while making turns, and you can attach a walk-behind push spreader to make it a ride-on unit.



The RA-21 reciprocating aerator features eight tines that provide a 21-inch-wide aeration swath. The unit punches clean holes up to 2.75 inches deep and drives and turns like a 21-inch walk-behind mower.


Earth & Turf

The TURFSAW aerator features solid blades that are adjustable to increase in penetration from 2.5 to 3.75 inches. Can be operated at speeds up to 10 mph to get jobs done fast.



Exmark's 30-inch stand-on aerator features a split-tine design, 48 coring tines and core depth that is adjustable from 2 to 5 inches. The self-cleaning tines are easy to replace.


First Products

The First Products Aera-vator uses a patented vibrating action with solid tines to loosen up the hardest soils with little disruption to existing turf.



The Hooker aerator offers zero-turn maneuverability and features tine rotors that make holes up to 3 inches deep. The unit pulls loose plugs of soil eliminating messy hard cores and soil compaction.


Land Pride

CA15 Series Core Aerators are available in 48-, 56-, 64- and 72-inch widths and feature 3-inch spoon penetration and .5-inch by 16-gauge hardened steel spoons.


L.T. Rich Products

The Z-Plug stand-on, zero-turn aerator is powered by a 23 hp twin-cylinder electric-start engine and features a 40-inch split rear tine head.



Pacer three-point hitch, water-filled core aerators are available in four models with 36-, 48-, 60- and 72-inch widths. Also available in pull-type spikers and core plug models.



The Lawnaire V with Easy Steer Technology is powered by a Honda GX 120 engine, and features an aeration width of 26.5 inches and a coring depth of up to 2.75 inches.


SourceOne Outdoor Power Equipment

The PLUGR PL845 Pro VS reciprocating aerator offers operator-controlled speed adjustment for all soil conditions, landscapes and operators. Offers nine walk-behind models plus tow-behind options.



The Steiner 430 Max articulating tractor with aeration attachment features an aerating width of 39 inches (actual) and 45.5 inches (effective), and aeration depth of up to 3 inches.



The 30-inch Dual Hydro Stand-On aerator is powered by a Kawasaki engine and applies up to 1,200 pounds of down pressure on the tines to pull up to 5-inch cores.



The ZRATOR is a steerable, front-mount core plug aerator designed to allow aeration in all directions without raising the tines. No additional weights needed.



Woods core aerators come in 4-, 5- and 6-foot widths and feature case hardened, 18-inch-thick spoons. The frame holds up to 1,000 pounds of weight to increase penetration.


Next month's issue will feature Product Focuses to Sweepers, Leaf Blowers and Vacuums.