Do or Do Not; There's No Try

By Nicole Wisniewski

It's simpler to delay working on goals when the day-to-day headaches takes up so much time. But to succeed in business and life, you must continually take action on your goals. You must persistently push forward. You cannot put your goals on hold until tomorrow. Or next week. Or next year. You must start now. Or you could miss your opportunity.

Think it's impossible? Think it can't be done?

Think again. It's really just that easy.

For those days this spring when work gets in the way of your ultimate goals and you feel like you just can't take another single step forward, take inspiration from these inspiring real life stories.

Today, you may feel like you can't move forward. Today, you may feel like your goals are too far out of your reach. Today, you may feel like a failure. But you have what it takes to succeed. You just need to start. Today. As "The Happiness Project" author Gretchen Rubin says, "The days are long, but the years are short."

And it doesn't matter if you get knocked down along the way; you just have to remember to get back up.

Nicole Wisniewski is a 15-year green industry veteran and award-winning journalism and marketing professional. She is currently a senior project manager in The Davey Tree Expert Co.'s marketing/corporate communications department. Reach her at