10 Smart Blower Tips

1. Do not use blowers early or very late in the day.

2. Use only one blower at a time.

3. Maintain the muffler, air intakes and air filter.

4. Use nozzle attachments to help reduce sound.

5. Use the lowest possible throttle speed to do the job.

6. Use the right blower size for the job.

7. Never point the nozzle or blow debris toward people, pets, cars, open windows, doors or houses.

8. Make sure bystanders, including other operators, are at least 50 feet away. Stop blowing if you are approached.

9. Do not leave the blower running unattended.

10. Blow turf clippings and fertilizer prills off of sidewalks and driveways back into the turfgrass and never into the street or onto neighbors’ properties.

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