Propane to Continue Growth For 3 More Years

More than one-third of commercial landscape contractors are considering propane to power their equipment fleets, according to a recent survey commissioned by the Propane Education & Research Council.

Specifically, the survey found 34 percent of landscape contractors said they were somewhat or very likely to purchase a propane mower within the next three years.

“We’ve seen solid growth of propane equipment in the commercial landscape market over the past four years, and this survey only reinforces our belief that the growth will continue its trend upwards,” shares Jeremy Wishart, deputy director of business development for PERC.

The survey also found there was still some misinformation about propane in the industry, Wishart explains. For instance, 38 percent of contractors said they were less favorable to propane equipment because they did not know where to find propane. PERC, however, provides a way to connect contractors to propane retailers online.

While some of these resources are available, PERC says it must continue to share this data with contractors so they can better understand propane.

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