Agri-Fab Purchases Superior Tech


This week, Agri-Fab announced the acquisition of Superior Tech. Agri-Fab acquires the Superior Tech assets, customer contracts, and Superior Tech brands. Superior Tech, founded in 1987, established itself as a Licensed John Deere Supplier. As a family-owned business located in Lancaster, PA, it takes pride in designing and manufacturing high-quality lawn and garden attachments

“Superior Tech offers an exciting opportunity for Agri-Fab to expand our product line, establish ourselves in new expanding markets, and strengthen our manufacturing base” said Mike Cohan, President and CEO of Agri-Fab. “We (Agri-Fab and Superior Tech) are both focused on and proud of making high-quality lawn and garden attachments. Acquiring Superior Tech will help Agri-Fab ensure that we continue to exceed our customer expectations and needs.”

Agri-Fab is a leading manufacturer of lawn and garden attachments in Illinois. Founded in 1975, the company has put a tremendous amount of focus on building innovative, durable products to make lawn care easier. Since being formed, Agri-Fab’s philosophy of building strong relationships through a commitment to communication and putting faith in its employees has helped it grow in an ever-changing economy.

A list of product offerings can be found on company websites: and