America In Bloom (AIB) Programs Transform Towns

A streetscape in Logan, OH, which participants in AIB.

Communities wanting to become more beautiful and vibrant are invited to enroll in the 2023 America in Bloom (AIB) programs, which focus on transforming towns and cities through beautification initiatives.

AIB program participation empowers communities to become more beautiful by encouraging the use of colorful plants and trees, enjoying clean environments, and experiencing increased community vitality. The non-profit recently launched a new tiered participation system which helps communities discover how to become more beautiful and vibrant. Levels 1 and 2 provide opportunities for communities to conduct a self-evaluation of the strengths and opportunities for improvement, either working alone (Level 1) or with the aid of a trained AIB advisor (Level 2).

Level 3 enrollment, which is open now through February 28, sends a pair of advisors to visit the community and results in a comprehensive written report of how the community scores against a grid covering seven areas:

  1. Community vitality
  2. Floral impact
  3. Landscaped areas
  4. Urban forestry
  5. Environmental initiatives
  6. Celebrating heritage; and
  7. Overall impression.

Enrollment culminates with participation and recognition at an annual Educational Symposium and Awards Program held each fall. This year’s Symposium will be held September 28-30 in Spartanburg and Greenwood, SC.

Nearly 300 communities of all sizes across the country currently particiapte in AIB programs. For 22 years, AIB has promoted the value of horticultural products and the industry. Success stories from across the country show the value of beautification and greening initiatives. Logan, OH has participated in the AIB program for more than a decade and has experienced the results of embracing community beautification.  A video showcasing Logan’s transformation recently debuted; it is just one of several videos available through the AIB website. Registration is available at

Through an 8-year partnership with CN Railway, AIB has also awarded grants to communities along the CN rail line. These have resulted in nearly $7,000,000 in greening projects.

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