April 1 News: How To Grow M&Ms In Your Garden!

A video from GrowVeg with all you need to know!


According to the popular YouTube channel, GrowVeg, whether you’re encouraging your kids to start gardening, or just want to save money on your grocery bills, growing your own chocolate makes a lot of sense. It’s well known that chocolate can be a difficult treat to grow, especially getting the fruit to mature with the correct colors and flavors.

In this video below, GrowVeg explains how to sow and space your chocolate plants correctly, and demonstrate key techniques to make sure you will be harvesting delicious M&M’s throughout the growing season.

Turf discovered this helpful video (an oldie but goodie) in the blog of Mr. Plant Geek. Visit his post here for more information on spaghetti trees, Pop tulips, doughnut seeds, and his own growable T-shirt!


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