Artificial Grass As Landscape Design Element


Ever think of using artificial grass as a landscape design element? Experts at Synthetic Grass Warehouse, Inc. say artificial turf is moving beyond its reputation for durability and low maintenance and increasing in popularity as a way to add visual interest to areas like paths or driveways.

Take the example of one South Florida family who recently transformed their home by redoing their backyard with artificial grass and adding turf strips to their driveway in a modern, artistic pattern. Turf Concepts, which installs artificial grass installations, was contracted to accomplish this custom design feature.

artificial grass
Artificial grass strips create visual interest in the long driveway.

Using a total 6,500 square feet of Diamond Pro Spring from Synthetic Grass Warehouse gave the property a dual coloring of field green and lime green. For the driveway, which needed dozens of artificial grass strips, Turf Concepts was able to use remnants they had saved over time. The end result was 1,500 feet of grass strips sourced from recycled material, which kept waste and cost to a minimum.

To perfect the appearance of the strips, Turf Concepts installed a drain port underneath each individual strip. (Diamond Pro Spring drains at a rate of more than 30 inches of rain per hour per square yard.) And, as with all installations, the drain incorporated a four-inch washed limestone base.

artificial grass
Diamond Pro Spring from Synthetic Grass Warehouse.

Turf Concepts also used sheep shears to bevel cut both sides of the strip so that they all looked clean and uniform. With a pile height of 1.875 inches and a 75-ounce face weight, Diamond Pro Spring turf can withstand moderate to heavy foot traffic.

Turf Concepts owner, Glen Minnisfirst, entered the synthetic turf installation industry after performing a small landscaping job for a local HOA. “In 20 years, we’ve never been called back to fix anything,” says Minnis. While that may sound like a recipe for disaster in terms of repeat business, Turf Concepts reports a two-month-long waitlist of clients and an extensive portfolio of luxury beachfront properties.