Aspire Pavers by Brava Debuts Four New Paver Products

The brand has unveiled four new pavers: the Bullnose with Legs, the Bullnose Corner, the Transition with Legs, and the Transition Corner.


Perfect for any upcoming Design-Build project, Aspire Pavers has announced the launch of its latest products – the Bullnose with Legs, Bullnose Corner, Transition with Legs, and Transition Corner. The innovative products promise to revolutionize the installation process for roofers, landscapers, and DIY enthusiasts. The new offerings will offer a blend of efficiency and aesthetic appeal.

Aspire BravaThe Aspire Bullnose Paver with Legs is designed to integrate with Aspire’s existing line of Resurfacing Pavers. The Aspire Bullnose Corner Paver forms a 90° angle and is compatible with the Bullnose with Legs to form a border with a rounded edge that hides the grid below. This eliminates the need to build a corner in the field by cutting and gluing pavers. Both pavers are designed to fit into the Aspire Grid.

The Aspire Transition Paver with Legs and the Corner Paver are designed to fit seamlessly into the grid. The Transition Paver shifts smoothly from the 1.75″ height down to the original landscaping level, providing a functional ramp for accessibility. Its legs ensure a secure, stable installation without the need for additional fasteners. The Transition Corner Paver complements this by forming a 90° angle that pairs perfectly with the Transition Paver. Together, they create a ramped border that conceals the grid and eliminates the need to cut and fit pavers on site for corners.Aspire Brava

The new pavers introduce enhancements that cater to aesthetic appeal and practical installation needs. These products also meet the highest safety standards with a Fire Classification of ASTM E108-007 Class A. This ensures safety without compromising style or functionality.

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