Is It Worth Your Time And Effort To Blog?


Time is the limiting factor in just about everything you do in your landscape businesses. Or perhaps you’re unsure about how go about it. Consequently, most of you don’t maintain blog sites.

Some of you, however, regularly share information via your blog, which you alert your audience to via email. You feel blogging keeps you connected with clients and the wider subscriber audience in your markets. Some of you (or perhaps someone on your staff) seem to enjoy doing it. Consequently, you post regularly, perhaps even monthly. Some of you do not blog on any pre-determined schedule. You generate content only when you have something you feel would be useful or compelling to share. You may, in fact, post just a single blog per season.

My favorite industry bloggers accomplish three or four things with each post. They start with an attention-grabbing headline that promises helpful information addressing a particular landscape or grounds issues in their markets. In many cases their blogs are seasonal in nature. For example, they could be letting subscribers know about new local watering rules or alerting them to emerging weed, pest or disease problems. They may also share how-to advice about proper mowing, trimming or lawn fertilization.

In other words, keep your blogs practical and stay on target. If you’re sharing how-to information, support it with key action tips. Limit whatever suggestions you might have to no more than 10, even fewer if you can. Subscribers recognize at a glance that they’ll be getting good information from you in a quick easy-to-read format.

Remember, each of your blogs should accomplish several things. This includes reminding readers about how your company can deal with their particular seasonal issues or landscape concerns. Why not? You’re generously sharing your expert industry knowledge with them; now you’re reminding them that you’ve got the expertise to solve their problems and improve their properties. Include nice photography showcasing your fine work.

Finally, alert your audience to any new or expanded services you are offering, including any special offers – coupons, early-pay discounts, etc.

Check out these five recent excellent landscape company blogs:

1. “What is Sustainable Snow Removal?”
by Schill Grounds Management, North Ridgeville, Ohio

This headline, from a progressive landscape company serving north central Ohio, immediately captured my attention. Sustainable snow removal? I had to read it. The writing in this blog is crisp and the information is both detailed and practical. This post is targeted for discerning property managers, the folks that need and want “Class A” property management service. The post, as a bonus, offers subscribers a free download to its “Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Snow & Ice Management Contractor” e-book. Who doesn’t like free?

2. “7 Ways to Revive Your Front Entry”
by Allentuck Landscaping, Clarksburg, Maryland

Bruce Allentuck, founder and company president, does a great job using photography to illustrate his company’s blogs. In the case if this particular case, Allentuck numbers his suggestions so that readers can easily see and pick out the suggestions that interest them the most. Allentuck’s posts, produced for the high-end residential clientele his company serves, are well written, never too wordy and always offer practical suggestions for upgrading and beautifying homeowners’ properties.

3. “A Root Awakening”
by Heaviland Landscape Management, Vista, California

Who doesn’t have problems with tree roots damaging their sidewalks, driveways or pavers? Heaviland’s post uses excellent photography to document the problems that tree roots can cause. Then it offers five valuable takeaways: 1. Choose the correct trees, 2. Plant trees far enough away from hardscapes and pavement, 3. Use root and bio barrier, 4. Install deep watering pipes at time of planting, 5. Long, slow, deep irrigation is crucial. And don’t forget the call to action: “If you’re experiencing tree root damage on your commercial property or any other landscape related issue, contact Heaviland Landscape Management today or complete the web form on the right side of this page.”

4. “4 Ways to Prevent Irrigation Backflow Theft”
by The Klausing Group, Lexington, Kentucky

I was unaware that thieves sometimes target backflow preventers until I read this blog. Theft is most common in the off-season when an irrigation system is not in use. Backflow preventers are not cheap so the cost to a commercial property owner with multiple units can be extremely expensive. Not only does this blog warn clients (and other readers) to the possibility of theft, it provides them with basic steps to stop theft, which it will review with clients during irrigation system winterization. I love the proactive nature of this and the other blogs that the Klausing Group shares. When I finished reading this blog (and learning a lot about backflow preventers), I saw the company is offering a “Snow and Ice Management Budgeting Made Easy” guide, which I also downloaded.

5. “Jason’s Blog”
by Distinctive Landscaping, Attleboro Falls, Massachusetts

Jason Scott, MCLP, CSP, started his company 21 years ago. It provides a full range of landscape services to clients in communities located southwest of Boston. Scott takes a unique approach to sharing information. When you click on the Jason’s Blog link at the top of the company’s website, you get a surprisingly large selection of posts at a single viewing. You can tell at a glance what each blog promises. Jason doesn’t waste a lot of words (or readers’ time) as his posts are to the point and deliver solid, practical information in a friendly style.

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