Briggs & Stratton Donates Engines to Wisconsin High School


JEFFERSON, Wis. – The donation of around 20 industrial-quality engines from Briggs & Stratton will open up a new vista to students in the Jefferson High School small engines class.

Gerald Burr, Jefferson High School technology education teacher, helped facilitate the donation of the engines, valued at around $8,000, which are being used by the students in Hal Geiger’s small engine class. The brand-new engines range from small to very large and are of a higher quality than the old, lawnmower-type engines with which the class was working. 

Geiger said that this donation will impact the technology education program for years to come. It will allow Jefferson High School students to compare valve train, cylinder and lower end design features to those of earlier production and non-commercial engines. The new engines also illustrate recent innovations in efficiency and emissions reductions.

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