BRUNT Introduces Marin Welted & Mulder Welted Work Boots

The new styles are designed for the heavy-duty market and the toughest job sites. Plus, read my review of the Marin Women's boot.


BRUNTBRUNT Workwear, a workwear brand known for its boots and apparel, has announced the launch of its first Goodyear welted construction work boots. The new Marin Welted and Mulder Welted styles bring BRUNT‘s quality and performance to trade workers who require increased stability, support, and durability in their job site footwear. The styles are designed for the heavy-duty market and the toughest job sites in the trades.

Several key features and innovations that set the new styles apart, include:

    The Marin Welted

    Goodyear Welted Construction: This construction method enhances overall durability, provides increased torsional stability, and enables resoling, making the boots ideal for heavy-duty job sites.

  • Enhanced Stability & Support: Goodyear welt construction provides a sturdier platform with enhanced torsional stability, support, and safety for workers in heavy-duty trades by helping to prevent the foot from bending and twisting when working on even surfaces such as rebar, cement, and rocks.
  • Job Site-Tested Durability: All of BRUNT‘s welted boots feature barnyard-resistant leather, superior waterproofing, double and triple stitching including security stitching in the toe, plus a slip and oil-resistant outsole. The Marin Welted features a high heat-resistant outsole for up to 572°F, and the Mulder Welted features a long-wearing TPU outsole as well as an external toe cap for added durability.
  • Improved Traction: Deeper outsole tread and lug depth provide improved traction on various surfaces, enhancing safety and stability for workers. The Mulder Welted also features a 90˚ heel, improving traction on ladders and scaffolding.
  • Competitive Pricing: The Marin Welted and Mulder Welted boots are competitively priced, offering great value for trade professionals seeking durable and reliable footwear.
The Mulder Welted.

These launches fill a gap in the market, meeting the needs of workers who prefer and require welted construction boots due to their durability and performance on demanding work sites. By expanding into the welted boots segment, BRUNT not only enhances its product range but also reaffirms its dedication to offering high-quality workwear solutions for all types of workers at an accessible price point.

“We’re excited to introduce our new line of Goodyear welted boots to better serve our customers working on heavy-duty job sites,” said Eric Girouard, Founder & CEO at BRUNT Workwear. “This is an important next step for BRUNT as we bolster our product line and expand the community of workers we serve, and a real proof-point to the power of collaborating with our customers to bring them the products they need on the job site.”

The Marin Welted and Mulder Welted boots are available now at BRUNT‘s website, as well as at select retail locations across the country beginning in August 2024.

  • Marin Welted Soft Toe will be available in sizes 7-14 starting at $169
  • Marin Welted Comp Toe will be available in sizes 7-14 starting at $179
  • Mulder Welted will be available in sizes 7-14 starting at $189

More About BRUNT/Editor Review

Launched in 2020, BRUNT Workwear collaborates with trade workers to develop boots and apparel that provide solutions that make real workers’ lives easier. In addition to bestseller The Marin boot, BRUNT‘s lineup includes a range of waterproof, comp toe, soft toe and job site-approved work boots, as well as a selection of apparel and accessories.

Me, in my garden, wearing the Marin Women’s Soft Toe. Photo Credit: Husband

While the new boot introductions do not yet have women’s sizes, I had the opportunity to test out the Marin Women’s Soft Toe boot, which is currently the only style they make for women. First of all, I loved the styling. Details like the off-white stitching and lug sole, as well as the BRUNT logo in an orange metal tag on the laces provide great appeal. I also liked that BRUNT didn’t overly “feminize” the women’s version. It’s nearly identical in appearance to the the men’s version with the exception of the laces. While not all will agree, I personally feel if a woman is working a tough job, she should have tough-performing and tough-looking work boots. My husband even commented, “Those look like men’s boots,” to which I proudly replied, “Yes, they do.”

A unique feature of BRUNT is that they do not offer wide widths. Instead, they have an adjustable width system with both a triple layer insole and a gray insert. If the boot is too snug, they suggest removing the gray insert underneath the triple layer insole. This is all clearly explained in literature that comes in the shoebox. Yet, of course, I decided to just put the shoes on, not reading the details.

Another photo wearing the Marin Women’s boot in my garden.

With flat feet I often need a wider width and indeed, these were too snug. I took out the triple layer insole instead, bemoaning the fact that I would lose the soft cushioning–duh–until revisiting the directions and discovering my error.

The truth of the matter, however, is that with a little experimentation, I found the best fit for me was actually removing the triple layer insole, retaining the gray insert, and using my own arch pads (which I wear with all my shoes). Unfortunately, using the triple layer insole was still a little too snug for my preference.

With my own customization in place, I headed out to a day’s work in my yard. The idea was to break them in a bit and, due to my experience with most boots, I expected to change out of them at some point. But surprisingly, I went the whole day. In fact, I didn’t even think about the boots–which is really the goal, right? Your feet are so comfortable that you’re focused on the task at hand, not on foot fatigue.

After a day in the yard, the off-white sole now has some dirt marks and the leather has several scuffs but that’s to be expected. Overall, I like the style and the comfort. I also like that I have ankle support. I had been wearing an old pair of HOKA hiking boots in the yard due to the ankle support and comfort, but they simply don’t handle huge amounts of wet and dirt the way the Marin’s did in just one day. With what they call “barnyard-resistant” leather in a “fully waterproof build,” the Marins kept my feet nice and dry. (Note: Nothing will replace my HOKAs for hiking, however.) For more on the men’s Marin Soft Toe, visit here.

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