The growing millennial workforce. Never-ending technological advancements. The presidential election. A lot happened in 2016, and all of it is influencing workplace priorities. As a result, here are some of the most important employment trends we can expect to see this year, according to Training magazine.

Trend No. 1: Diversity and inclusion initiatives will be top of mind. Regardless of your political views, the presidential election created a divide. This division of beliefs can create conflict or discomfort in the workplace if individual workers feel excluded or alienated. Landscape business owners can take control of this conversation by creating an inclusive and accepting environment.

Trend No. 2: Change leadership will be a priority. In a world that values efficiency, change is inevitable. Landscape owners should ensure their organizations are equipped to handle changes quickly.

Trend No. 3: Conversations will play a key role in performance management. The once annual review is gone for good. Many employees, especially millennials, are looking for more action-based feedback from employers. Landscape business owners can address this by empowering individuals to meet their goals, initiating conversations and ensuring employees receive what they need when they need it.

Trend No. 4: New technologies will continue to be embraced. Technological advancements are happening fast. To keep up, landscape businesses need to be open to the idea of using up-to-date options for expanding the depth, scope and reach of everything from training to customer service.

Trend No. 5: The desire for participant-driven learning will increase. Employees want to have a bigger hand in what they are learning and how they learn it. They are demanding their workplaces be ones in which they are able to advance on their own terms. Owners who work to meet this demand rather than resist it can boost employee satisfaction.

This is the time of year you’re focused on hiring employees as you ramp up for the busy season, so understanding these trends can help you best prepare for the year.