According to Daniel Levine, trends expert and director of The Avant-Guide Institute, there are five major social trends he is seeing that are particularly important to landscape professionals. Levine spoke to the 215 attendees at the National Association of Landscape Professionals’ Leaders Forum event in January.

“You can’t do business the same way you always have,” Levine says. “You have to change with the times. Make the trends your friends.”

1. Green is getting greener. Everything from naturescaping to using native and local plants to edible landscaping is continuing to drive this trend.

2. Living spaces are becoming smarter. Every piece of technology and appliance and even accessory you can think of is becoming smarter, from watches to helmets to refrigerators to toothbrushes and even socks. Monitor your running form and food inventory and how your children are brushing their teeth. Want to play with your cat at home while you’re at work: there’s an app for that that uses a laser pointer — no joke.

3. Simplicity is paramount. Eliminate your client pain points and make your business super simple to do business with. Don’t complicate the process.

4. Corporate social leadership. Believe in an issue and take the lead in doing so by telling everyone. Companies today are disclosing how a product is made in detail through each step and who was involved. Example: TOMS shoe company donates a pair of shoes to a child in need every time a customer purchases a pair of shoes.

5. Wellness is evolving into well-being. The wellness trend is growing and will continue to grow. This includes everything that makes us feel better via mind, body and spirit.