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Instagram is one of the most popular social networks worldwide with 700 million monthly active users as of last month, according to Tech Crunch.

Why should you use Instagram for your business? First, Instagram is a photo-sharing network that is highly visual making it perfect for promoting your portfolio of work. Second, it is an important tool for building brand awareness as more people begin to search for products and services with social media.


  • Post consistently.
    Aim to post at least three times a week or up to once per day, but make it consistent.
  • Create a story for your brand.
    Use Instagram to create a curated (yet authentic) story for your business. If you take several photos of a finished project, choose the best photo to post. If your company is involved in a community service activity or at a company outing, post the photo you think best represents your business and will resonate with your clients.
  • Add relevant hashtags.
    The more hashtags you add, the better engagement you’ll receive. But be sure they’re relevant to the photo you’re posting and to your business. For example, you can hashtag your city name, if you worked with a favorite vendor or brand of product used for the project. If you don’t want to add all the hashtags to the post itself, you can add them to the first comment.


  • Get too personal.
    Avoid posting personal pictures to your business account. Save that for your personal account. Your clients don’t want to see your selfies. Sharing photos of employees at company outings or on the job, or highlighting an employee of the month, would be a better fit when building a brand image.
  • Use photos without permission.
    Absolutely do not use other business’s photos unless you have explicit permission from them. If you do have permission, be sure to credit and tag the photographer or the owner of the photo.

Check out these industry Instagram accounts for inspiration: