Pricing for Profit

Only two out of five jobs earn the expected profit margins based on the original bids submitted, according to "The E-Myth Landscape Contractor: Why...

Daniel Plawski, Peninsula Landscaping

Daniel Plawski represents the new breed of landscape designers. A true millennial at age 22, he started his landscape design and maintenance business in...

Trending: Contest Winners & More!

Winning Designs Congratulations to the All-American Selections Landscape Design Contest winners! The contest, in its second year, requires each contest participant to create and execute a...

X Marks the Spot

In a world of continually growing water restrictions and cost concerns, landscape designers prove there is no 'zero' in xeriscaping. Click image to enlarge. The...

What it Takes to Add Irrigation Technicians to Your Crew

Contractors need someone who has been trained in irrigation and understands how to troubleshoot. The individual must enjoy working independently and also follow direction. "Irrigation...

Cool & Compact

Though compact machines are smaller than their big brothers, they can pack quite a performance punch. John Deere Construction & Forestry Division John Deere Construction &...

Design Software Solutions

Get creative and efficient with these design software tools. Software Republic Software Republic Pro Contractor Studio does not require any other CAD software to operate. Users can...

High-Rise Landscapes

Building architects are continuing to incorporate more green into their skyscraper proposals, adding trees to rooftops, terraces or balconies high in the sky. In...

Color Bomb

Need a new plant to wow your clients? Check out these new varieties. Chicagoland Grows www.chicagolandgrows.org Chicagoland Grows Common Name: Beijing Gold Tree Lilac Scientific Name: Syringa pekinensis 'Zhang...

Drip, Drop: Drip & Micro Irrigation Products

A look at some of the latest water-saving products in drip and micro irrigation. American Hydro Systems American Hydro Systems The ProFeeder is a precision, water-driving irrigation...

Trucks, Trailers & Accessories

There's no way around it, you need heavy-duty trucks to haul your equipment or to tow trailers back and forth to job sites. And...

Building the Foundation

Building a successful design/build business is much like constructing a successful design/build project. Planning and execution are important at each stage, especially when building...

Striking Simplicity

Gravel paths-traditional, informal, permeable, durable Depending on client preference, Erin Lau sometimes uses a very thin-profile plastic or metal edging on the borders of her...

Keep Out Grass

Keep in mulch and other materials with concrete edging

Landscape Lighting: Wiring 101

When it comes to wiring your lighting system there are several methods commonly used. Some are efficient, while others are touted as “easy-to-install,” but...

Koi Pond Construction 101

“I bought them all,” says Mark Keightley of the numerous reference books available on koi ponds. “I searched the Internet, I read through materials...

Paver Patterns

Know the basics Photo Courtesy of Pine Hall Brick. Breaking up patterns into smaller sections makes small areas appear larger. When it comes to paver patterns, there...

Reining in Runoff

Control and clean water with bioswales Photos courtesy of the City of Salem, Ore. Soil amendments were applied to improve growing conditions at the bioswale site. The...

Stamped Concrete Pros and Cons

Northwest “I am putting in a big driveway and walkways to my house (detached garage), and really like the look of the stamping and color....

Concrete Tools and Curbing Machines

Concrete Innovations Finishing Slicks concrete finishing overshoes are designed to be worn during the finishing phase of concrete. Won’t leave behind holes or marks. Curb-King...

USDA’s Most Recent Plans For Eliminating Asian Longhorned Beetle

Currently, 278.3 square miles are under federal quarantine for Asian longhorned beetle in Massachusetts, New York, Ohio, and South Carolina. Here's what to look for.
Buddleia Violet

Outsmarting Invasives

Today’s low seed set sterile cultivars are not your parent’s Bradford Pears.

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Looking for uniform solutions for your large team? An unmatched inventory and versatile looks are just a few reasons why companies trust Dickies®.
Green Roof Installation

Green Roof Installation

Why limit your landscaping services? Take them to greater heights.
Natural Swimming Pools & Ponds

Natural Swimming Pools & Ponds

Landscape design, Nature, and recreation all meet in this stunning and fun eco-alternative.
Autonomous Snow Plow

Remote-Operated, Autonomous Industrial Snow Plow Hits The Market

Teleo and Storm Equipment have introduced America’s only remote-operated and autonomous industrial snow plow.

Proposed Tax Break For Government Snow Removal Equipment In CA

California Senate Bill 546 proposes an exemption from the state sales and use tax for public entities purchasing dedicated snow removal vehicles.