Charging Landscape Trailers

The transition to battery electric OPE means a whole new realm of charging solutions.

By Christine Menapace
From the April 2023 Issue

This article was originally published as part of the “Creating Charging Infrastructure For OPE” cover story.

The transition to battery electric OPE means a whole new realm of charging solutions. For pros who spend their days on the road, the ability to charge in the trailer may be key. While McCoy Horticultural created a custom solar-powered trailer, ready-to-go solutions will likely increasingly enter the market.

OptimusMC™ From Greenworks Commercial. Expected to launch in the last half of this year, Greenworks Commercial has previewed its mobile charging trailer, the OptimusMC. The 20′ trailer features a 26 kWh built-in lithium-ion battery that keeps everything in the trailer charged all day. Greenworks Commercial ride-on mowers and batteries can automatically charge while in the trailer overnight and in transit.

charging landscape trailers
A preview inside the OptimusMC™ charging trailer from Greenworks Commercial. It’s expected to launch in the last half of 2023.

The trailer features three EV-style 6 kW chargers capable of charging three Greenworks ride-on mowers, inside or outside, alongside 18 fully temperature-controlled battery ports, capable of charging handheld batteries at up to 10 amps each, along with four additional 20 amp 110V AC outlets for additional power needs. The entire trailer can be charged overnight through a single Level II EV charger or its roof-mounted 3 kW solar panels. It also includes integrated tool storage solutions, 4G/GPS theft protection, trailer vitals monitoring system, and IoT connectivity. 

Solar Lawn Truck™ by Super Lawn Trucks™. For nearly a decade, Super Lawn Technologies has been working with the Georgia Institute of Technology on trailer design. What started as simple ramp design progressed to a whole electrical control system, including recharging and solar panels. The Mobile Solar Charging Station includes a large solar array, power inverter, transfer switch, battery charger, fuse block and electrical distribution panels. This allows you to run AC appliances/electronics, charge your batteries, and connect both shore and solar power to your AC accessory breaker panel. This is a robust mobile charging system designed to help you power tools all day long. The mobile solar-powered charging station is built onto the roof of the truck with battery storage installed under the truck and electrical distribution carefully assembled inside of the enclosed truck body to protect from weather.

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