Community Engagement That Builds Loyalty


Good, creative solutions can cut through the clutter and serve as the heart of your brand. When combined with good strategy, they can generate your unique “personality waves” consistently across the necessary channels.

Potential clients are bombarded with commercials and messaging about snow and ice removal, so deploying quality, meaningful, creative marketing solutions as part of print, digital and social campaigns is a must.

There are no better users of these unique marketing tactics in the snow removal arena than Lawns by Yorkshire, Men in Kilts and BOSS Snowplows. Let’s take a look at what makes their marketing solutions so effective.

Think outside of the marketing box for new and engaging ways to get your brand in front of an audience. Lawns By Yorkshire gets brand visibility every time the New Jersey Devils hockey team brings out the Zamboni to resurface the ice.

The Zamboni Zoom

Northern New Jersey-based Lawns By Yorkshire (LBY) has raised its visibility by teaming up with the local professional ice hockey team, the New Jersey Devils. As part of a marketing communications partnership, a specially branded Zamboni with LBY’s logo and advertising message cleans up the ice during timeouts. After every game, LBY gets megahits on its YouTube channel, which features special time-lapse videos of the innovative brand design and wrapping process.

Additional components of LBY’s integrated sports marketing program with the Devils include its branded shovels and ice buckets, public address announcements, and energy-efficient LED ring and center-hung signage.

“Aligning our brand with a master sports brand like the New Jersey Devils, in a world-class real-estate venue like the Prudential Center, is an outstanding opportunity for us,” said LBY CEO Steven Jomides. “We are committed to aligning ourselves with market leaders and we have certainly accomplished that through this relationship.”

Power Push in Plaid

Since the winter of 2014, the popular home maintenance franchise Men in Kilts (MIK) — known originally as window washers — recently stepped off the ladder and onto the icy sidewalks by offering snow-removal services. MIK was started in 2002 by Nicholas Brand, a Scotsman who fashioned a handsewn kilt to increase the visibility of the otherwise unremarkable window washers — and more recently, snow plow crews.

Now, the Vancouver-based company has branches in Boston, Seattle and the Jersey Shore, supplying those markets with kiltwearing snow technicians wielding plows and shovels.

All MIK crew members don the renowned green plaid kilts (with warm wool tights, of course) when out plowing and shoveling.

“In the social media world we live in, MIK is something people love to talk about,” said co-owner Chris Carrier. MIK currently has 10 franchises in Canada and nine in the U.S., with plans to grow to 300 across North America.

Community Building Blogs

Blogging can be used to generate leads and convert them into customers, as well as keep existing customers smiling. The BOSS Snowplow company, based in Michigan’s rugged Upper Peninsula, is known in the social media world as the blogosphere’s Triple Crown winner:

  • Some content provides general safety tips for snow plowing after lead capture,
  • Some content dishes up interesting information about BOSS Snowplow products for its customers, and
  • Some content generates warm smiles through its exclusive sponsorship of SnowCare for Troops by Project EverGreen.

SnowCare for Troops, now in its seventh year, has had more than 5,000 military families and 1,500 snow-removal contractor volunteers across the country register to either receive or provide services.

“We’re very grateful for the commitment of our dedicated volunteers and the continued support from BOSS Snowplow,” said Cindy Code, executive director of Project EverGreen.

“The leadership they have demonstrated in support of military families goes above and beyond the call of duty.”

Mark Klossner, director of marketing for BOSS Snowplow, knows that this key marketing partnership with Project EverGreen has positioned his company well within the snow-removal industry. It brands the company as warm and woolly — one that embraces and builds community volunteer services. The Department of Defense presented the Seven Seals Award to the company in recognition of the extraordinary support of its employees who serve in the National Guard and Reserve.