Dauer Launches Spanish-Language Product Brochure

Dauer's Spanish-language product brochure broadens resources for its landscape lighting contractors and distributors.


Dauer Manufacturing has released its first full-line Spanish-language product brochure. By doing so, Dauer works towards meeting the business needs of its customers and diverse consumer base across the U.S. Dauer’s Spanish-language product brochure broadens resources for its landscape lighting contractors and distributors. Hispanics have fueld growth in entrepreneurship and small business, commercial, and residential ownership. According to the Latino Landscape Network, more than 500,000 Hispanic-Americans are employed in the landscape industry in the U.S.

Dauer SpanishDauer’s product brochure in Spanish invites customers to “Discover the Power of Dauer” or “Descubre el Poder de Dauer.” The pamphlet highlights Dauer’s line of LED lighting products and is available for digital download or can be mailed upon request.

In addition to Descubre el Poder de Dauer, the company will offer a full Spanish-language website and customer ordering tools.

“At Dauer, we fully believe in helping our customers grow and succeed and this includes exclusive territories for our distributors and now information in language of preference, be it English or Spanish,” states Craig Klomparens, president of Dauer Manufacturing. “We have seen a shift in in our audience demographics, and this new Spanish-language brochure is a natural progression for us in making the resources we provide more accessible.”

“This project was very personal to me as a Hispanic in the industry,” adds Joaquin (Kino) Obeso, vice-president. “Hispanics are now the fastest-growing contributors to the United States economy and while we are consistently out in the field with our Spanish speaking customers, this brochure is a way for us to be there when we are geographically away. We are seeing explosive growth in markets like Texas and California, and several of our distributors and contractors are now better equipped with this new tool.”

Hispanics in the U.S. represent 19% of the country’s total population at 62.5 million in 2021, according to the Pew Research Center: Latinos in the U.S. | Data on U.S. Hispanics. The Latino Donor Collaborative. (2023). The 2023 Official LDC U.S. Latino GDP Report values the U.S. Hispanic GDP (gross domestic product) at $3.2 trillion and purchasing power at $3.4 trillion ranking the U.S. Latino GDP the fifth largest in the world.

For a recent Turf Magazine article entitled: “What Are the Best Opportunities for Hispanic Entreprenures?“, click here.


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