Director Of Agronomy Wins Turfco Debris Blower


As Director of Agronomy at Cantigny Golf Club, Steve Kuretsky knows the value of using the latest and greatest in turf maintenance equipment to keep the golf courses and grounds at the Wheaton, IL facility looking their best. So, he was especially delighted to learn that he had won Turfco’s 2022 Golf Giveaway Grand Prize – a new Turfco Torrent 2 Debris Blower.

“I was tinkled pink, of course, to win a new Turfco Torrent 2 Debris Blower,” said Kuretsky.

Since the club already owns one Turfco blower, he was already familiar with the machine’s features and benefits. The Turfco Debris Blower (valued at $8,032) incorporates patented MagnaPoint Technology that locks in settings for a more productive angle at every pass – saving hours of crew time per job.

Turfco Debris Blower
Steve Kuretsky (left) is all smiles as he accepts a new Turfco Torrent 2 Debris Blower from Scott Kinkead, executive vice president, Turfco Manufacturing. (Photo: Turfco)


“What’s really nice about the Turfco Torrent 2 Blower is that you can dial in the angle of the blower and set it to a certain point, so you can make the most effective use of it – rather than having to move the settings around while using it,” he said. “It takes the guesswork out of the job.”

Located about 30 miles west of Chicago, Cantigny Golf Club is part of the 500-acre Cantigny Park which occupies the old estate of Col. Robert R. McCormick, former publisher of the Chicago Tribune. The golf course is extremely popular, and keeps the maintenance staff busy throughout the playable seasons. The Turfco Blower gets used regularly throughout the golf season to clear away grass clippings, general debris, and of course the deluge of falling leaves in autumn.

“We like to keep the surface nice and clean for players,” Kuretsky explained.

“Cantigny Golf Club is known as one of the top public golf courses in the Midwest, and we are happy to give this award to Steve knowing that it will be put to good use helping to keep the Cantigny golf courses looking and playing their best for years to come,” commented Scott Kinkead, executive vice president at Blaine, MN-based Turfco Manufacturing.