Does Your Landscape Company Show Signs Of Success?

The right signage can establish brand identity and set your lawn and landscape company apart.


Lawn and landscape services are a thriving industry. But with almost 642,000 such businesses in the U.S., according to the 2024 IBIS World Landscaping Services Industry report, you need to do all you can to stand out. The right signage is essential, driving brand awareness and immediately grabbing customers’ attention.

Your signs can tell customer stories, showcase certifications and awards, guide the shopping experience, and help customers get the most out of your services. Signs serve as a visual extension of your work that embodies its aesthetic quality. Additionally, embracing digital technology and interactive elements can attract attention with dynamic content and provide immediate ways for potential customers to engage with the business, further boosting customer traffic.

Choosing the most impactful signage involves understanding your brand’s goals and demographics. Knowing what resonates with your audience will help you design signage that’s effective and motivates action. Of course, these days there are many types of signs, and each can convey a unique value proposition.

Growing Brand Awareness

signageVehicle wraps and magnets. If budget constraints limit you to one type of signage, a well-designed vehicle wrap or magnetic sign offers the most significant impact. It turns your company truck or car into a mobile billboard that raises visibility at project sites, on sales calls or anywhere on the road, constantly reaching new audiences and effectively enlarging your brand’s presence.



Customer yard signs. Let your work speak for itself with a placard in a customer’s yard, calling attention to the beautiful new plantings, decorative elements, or manicured lawn you created. They serve as both advertisements and endorsements, subtly persuading passersby with appealing designs that blend with the property’s aesthetic.

Facility Signage

Banners. Highlight special events and seasonal promotions with colorful, dramatic banners. When designed with bold colors and well-defined text, they attract the eye immediately.

Educational signs. Give background and care tips on plants, shrubbery and lawns to help the customer choose the right products and services. They enrich understanding by providing valuable information beyond the sale.

Wayfinders. These are ideal for guiding customers through sections if you have a retail space. They complement the landscaping while providing clear guidance and enhancing the customer experience. They can also serve as a subtle reminder of items the customer has been thinking of buying.

Digital signs. Attract and engage customers inside your store or showroom with messaging that can be easily and quickly changed to showcase work, promotions, or interactive experiences.

Nurturing Sales

Here are helpful tips to consider when investing in signage for your business:

  • Create a great logo. A strong logo encapsulating your brand’s values and aesthetics is foundational to sign design and should translate well across all signage and sizes from as small as a letterhead to across a building.signs
  • Get creative. Don’t be afraid to have a little fun. Try pieces shaped like the trees and plants you’re selling; use colorful icons and graphics in place of text. Your signs should not only inform but also enchant, telling the story of the care and craft that goes into each project.
  • Work with the surrounding landscape, using materials and designs that feel organic and complement the greenery. This approach ensures they both stand out from their surroundings and complement it.
  • Color carefully. It’s a balancing act. Full-color images can showcase the quality of your work, but sometimes, a minimalist design with just a pop of color against the natural greens can be more striking.
  • Consider content. How you state your message varies by location. On a roadside, a sign should quickly capture your company’s essence to match the fast pace of traffic. Onsite placement enables you to tell a more detailed story, perhaps including customer testimonials or interactive elements like QR codes.
  • Budget wisely. Factor in longevity and maintenance. Investing in quality materials may require a higher upfront cost but will result in better durability and a more appealing look over time, offering a better return on investment.
  • Trust the experts. Effective collaboration with a sign company requires clear communication of your vision. Think about your preferences in style, color, and design elements beforehand so you can easily share them. However, also be open to the sign company’s expertise, including navigating local ordinances and permit processes. Look for customizable packages to ensure every dollar works as hard as possible to promote your brand.

It’s tempting to overlook signage or treat it as an afterthought, but it’s one of the seeds that can help the company grow. The right signage brings attention, and the right attention brings customers.

Titus is president of Signarama, the world’s largest sign and graphics franchise, part of United Franchise Group (UFG), the global leader for entrepreneurs. He spearheads the worldwide development of all UFG-affiliated brands and supports policies promoting Signarama franchise owners’ expansion and profitability.

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