Donated Sun Joe & FIRMAN Generators Part of Hurricane Dorian Relief

Donated portable power generators are on their way to the Bahamas as part of a Hurricane Dorian relief effort organized by Snow Joe® + Sun Joe® working with FIRMAN Power Equipment. “One of the most powerful tools we have is the power to do something positive,” said Snow Joe CEO Joseph Cohen. “That’s why, after seeing the devastation of Dorian, I just knew we had to help.”

As part of the company’s #GenerateHope initiative, Snow Joe decided to pay it forward to those in need by donating 50 portable Sun Joe power generators that are destined to arrive in the Bahamas to assist in the Hurricane Dorian relief efforts. Their donation inspired FIRMAN to match Snow Joe’s contribution, for a total of 100 generators.

“As the official online distributor of FIRMAN Power Equipment, when I heard what Joe and his team were doing – I didn’t even think twice about participating. As two of the leading manufacturers of outdoor power equipment and generators, it only made sense for us to work with Snow Joe + Sun Joe to help pay it forward,” said FIRMAN CEO Gregory Montgomery.

Hurricane Dorian relief
Snow Joe warehouse crew preparing to ship FIRMAN and Sun Joe generators as part of the #GenerateHope initiative to assist in Hurricane Dorian relief efforts.

The portable generators donated by both Snow Joe and FIRMAN will provide those impacted by Hurricane Dorian with power on demand wherever and whenever they need it most. The donation was inspired by the news story of the magnanimous kindness of an anonymous stranger, who purchased 100 FIRMAN generators to donate to the relief efforts.

“As part of this donation, we’re calling on others to continue to pay it forward by joining the #GenerateHope movement and contributing whatever is within their means. We all have the power within us to help,” continued Cohen. Use the hashtag #GenerateHope to spread awareness of this cause.

Snow Joe + Sun Joe is a lawn and garden manufacturer specializing in outdoor power equipment. FIRMAN Power Equipment provides Power on Demand.