Erosion Control Products


Erosion control is a major issue in our industry. Whether you’re trying to prevent washouts on walks and paths, keep dust down or save an embankment, these products can help you with your erosion control needs.

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Finn Corp.

The Titan HydroSeeder is available in three tank sizes, from 2,500 to 3,600 gallons. Agitation is provided by three paddles and liquid recirculation. Powered by a 170 hp Cummins QSB Tier III engine, the units have a 38-gallon fuel tank, 500 GPM pump and engine ECU with self-diagnostics.

Pik Rite

Pik Rite/Eden Hydroseeding Equipment designs and manufactures hydroseeding equipment, with a complete line of mechanically agitated units ranging from 500 to 3,000 gallons. They are available in skid, trailer and truck-mounted units.

Valley Green

Valley Green’s hydroseeding supplies include Enviroblend, Jet Spray w/Fiber Max and Flexterra FGM. The Futerra erosion control blanket bonds to soil to prevent seed migration and sediment loss for up to one year. Also offers weedless bagged hay and Seed Aide mulch for seeding.

American Excelsior

Curlex CL is an erosion control blanket with fibers that are barbed and curled to create interlocking strength and help the fibers cling to soil.

A.S.P. Enterprises

Products include gabions, revetments, blankets, turf reinforcement mats, mulches, bonded fiber matrix and flexible growth medium.

Belco Resources

The Greenscape Conservation Seeder is a ground-driven, three-point implement with two large-diameter rollers and a rear compaction roller.


Ecocycle netting is programmed to degrade without ultraviolet light at the end of the life of the product, reducing wildlife entanglement and other issues.

Ernst Seeds

Ernst Seeds has 45 years of experience with erosion control. Supplies high-quality seeds and mixes for restoration, reclamation and conservation.

Express Blower

Express Blower trucks can quickly install blankets and berms in the remotest locations for permanent sediment and erosion control.


FilterSoxx stabilizes eroded slopes without using hard materials like steel. Slope protection includes support practices, LockDown Netting and tackifying agent.


The GreenStake is a 100 percent biodegradable turf stake used to anchor netting, erosion control blankets, sod and more. Disappears in 12 to 18 months.


Gro-Power Plus w/M is a complete fertilizer/soil conditioner that can be mixed with a hydroseeding slurry and contains humus, humic acids and beneficial bacteria.

Jonathan Green

Products include Hydroseeding Fibermulch cellulose paper mulch, Super Tackifier with Aqua Source, Slope and Erosion Control Mixture, netting and more.


The Compac Hewnstone unit works well for structural retaining walls for erosion control. Featuring a high-strength pin connection system and natural stone look.

King Machine & Tool

The Mulch King can be used to blow mulch and features a 30 hp Kohler motor, hydraulic dump on the bed and electric brakes with automatic adjusters.


MulchGard professional mulch binder is an easy-to-apply liquid polymer concentrate that is nontoxic and allows air, water and nutrients to pass through to soil.

Pennington Seed

Supplies seed and mixtures for reclamation and restoration of erodible soils, as well as silt fences, blankets, channel liners, hydromulches and tackifiers.

Terra Novo

EarthGuard Fiber Matrix preserves and binds existing soil structure, flocculates fine sediment, allows water to enter and can be applied with or without seed.

Turbo Technologies

The HM-500-HARV hydromulcher has a 25 hp Kohler Command Pro engine, hydraulic reversible agitator, gear pump, poly tank and electric rewind hose reel.


Hydroseeding machines from 380 to 1,200 gallons feature low-profile loading platforms, direct-drive mechanical agitation and positive displacement pump.

Uzet World

The E-Stake is a 100 percent biodegradable stake used to secure turf/sod and erosion control blankets on slopes. Comes in 4 and 6-inch lengths.