7 YouTube Videos To Watch About Fall/Winter Services

If you’re thinking about adding on any extra fall services this year, these videos on YouTube can help. Other landscape business owners, associations and companies share their experiences and educational tips on these fall and early winter services. Some might even give you a few laughs!

1. How to Winterize a Sprinkler System

Ewing Irrigation explains how to blow water out of an irrigation system with a professional grade air compressor. Above ground components of an irrigation system will freeze the fastest, so warn clients that the cost for winterization services will be better than the expensive costs of making repairs to the damaged system.

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2. Aeration Training

Educate your clients that it’s important to aerate a lawn one to two times per year. This video by the National Association of Landscape Professionals explains the benefits of aeration. Spring or fall are the ideal times because of the moisture level in the soil.

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3. Installing Holiday Lights

Keith Kalfas of The Landscaping Employee Trap explains how he started getting into installing holiday lighting, and why business owners should aim to have a few specialized services instead of trying to be a jack of all trades. According to Kalfas, limiting your services will benefit both your employees and your customers.

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4. How to Install Sod

Shawn from Green Valley Turf Co in Colorado demonstrates a sod installation using a brick-like pattern. Sod installations are most successful with a lot of water, which makes the spring and fall ideal times.

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5. Winterize During Fall Cleanup

Keith Kalfas talks about the importance of understanding a little bit about horticulture to winterize ornamental plants for client’s landscape beds. This includes cutting down, pruning plants and pulling any annuals or weeds.

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6. How to Charge for Fall Cleanups

Stanley “Dirt Monkey” Genadek explains some of the equipment he uses to perform services. He explains how his fall cleanup crews get by without a dedicated dump trailer for collecting leaves, and he also talks viewers through the prices he charges customers based on the fall cleanup services performed.

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7. Holiday Lighting Opportunities

The holiday lighting brand Seasonal Source shares how installing holiday lighting and decorations can significantly boost a landscape business owner’s cash flow during the slow season while also keeping employees busy. The end of the video also shares some information about working with Seasonal Source when looking for supplies.

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