Monday Motivation: Make Mondays Better By Planning on Fridays


Fridays are often considered a dream day for most nine-to-fivers. Staring at the clock while counting down the time, they merely have to wait eight hours to secure two free days.

For some, especially managers, however, the final day of the week is not such a breeze. Mark Kelbacher, regional manager of Lawn Dawg, knows the Friday struggle all too well. The weekend looms, yet he still needs to give attention to the current week’s wrap-up and the upcoming week’s preparation.

Kelbacher-Mark-pWorking out of the Rocky Hill, Connecticut location, Kelbacher helps manage Lawn Dawg’s $12.7 million corporation.

Kelbacher shared his tips on how to beat the Friday drag:

Lead by example

Fridays may be by far Kelbacher’s toughest day, but he does not let that show to his employees. Kelbacher’s employer cited him as one of the most efficient motivators in the business because Kelbacher has mastered the art of leading by example.

“Fridays I try to make sure I have any open tasks completed by the end of the day. I make sure to thank my team for the hard work and efforts they put in,” Kelbacher says. “Sometimes our line of work may require a six-day workweek, so if our team works on a Saturday I am sure to be present, and I will order pizza for the end of the day.”

Counteract distractions

With Kelbacher usually having his heaviest workload on Fridays, he has to stay motivated to complete his tasks while also knowing he is just hours away from the weekend. That is not to say Kelbacher lets this affect his team’s morale, however. Kelbacher counteracts the weekend distraction by pushing his employees to finish the week strong.

“Friday, that should be the easiest day of the week. Never the case, in fact, it’s the hardest day. Most call-outs tend to happen on Fridays (Monday a close second). Lack of focus. It’s Friday and all I can think about is the weekend! Keeping the team focused is crucial. On Fridays I will either call or email the team with a reminder just saying we are having a great week and let’s finish off strong,” Kelbacher explains.

Positivity is key

No matter the hurdles of the week, Kelbacher always maintains an optimistic attitude, the mark of a great motivator. Sitting on the Connecticut Environmental Council, he has had a passion for lawn care throughout his 25-year career, and it definitely shows. Kelbacher has no trouble being ready and alert on Mondays because of his consistently positive outlook.

“I make sure I am the first one in the branch, this way I can address any last-second concerns or changes before my team arrives. I keep music on all day and keep it upbeat. I also make sure to greet everyone when they walk in the door with a ‘good morning’ and ‘how was your weekend?,’” Kelbacher says.

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