Stand-on zero-turns represent one of many different types of commercial mowers, which include trim mowers, walk-behinds, mid-mount and front-mount zero-turn mowers.

Contractors need different types and sizes of mowers because of the various conditions they encounter and sizes of properties they maintain.

In the end, the goal of every contractor in today’s incredibly competitive commercial mowing market is to mow each property as efficiently and safely as possible. That’s why contractors spend so much time evaluating mowers. They recognize no single type of mower is the right fit for all mowing needs.

Here are some advantages stand-on mowers offer compared to riding mowers with similar-sized cutting decks:

1. Their low center of gravity makes them easier to maneuver in certain situations, such as on a sloped or hilly property. The weight of the machine and operator is closer to the ground than riding mowers.

2. Their maneuverability makes them a good choice for residential yards, cemeteries or other properties that require a lot of quick turns. It also increases accuracy in trimming around obstacles.

3. Their small footprint allows them to go more places and allows for more effective use of trailer space and storage.

4. An operator has better visibility of what he is mowing because is he standing, looking down on the job at hand.

5. Because an operator can step off of the machine rather than dismount the seat on a rider, it is easier for him to pick up trash, move a bicycle or whatever else needs to be cleared from his mowing path. Being able to step off is an advantage over a rider in mowing slopes, too.

6. Finally, we come to costs. A new stand-on mower can cost anywhere from $6,000 to $14,000, depending upon its features, its size and how it is powered. The lithium-battery-powered Stalker model is at the high end of the scale, but its Ohio-based manufacturer, Mean Green, says an owner, because of fuel savings, can recover and exceed the extra investment in the mower compared to similar-sized, gasoline-powered units.