3 Ways to Get Customers Excited About New Technology


It is no secret that the landscape industry is not what it was just a few short years ago. Technology is advancing, and droughts are hitting a number of states and cities. More than ever landscape contractors, business owners and homeowners are having to embrace the many upgrades to landscape devices.

When Gene Ebertowski took over as the operations manager of FloraTerra Landscape Management, he not only accepted the task of introducing clients to new technology, he was the one who suggested it. The evolving industry of landscape management does not discourage Ebertowski, but rather, educating customers on the many amazing advancements in the field motivates him every day of the week.

Ebertowski explained three techniques that have transformed the challenge of adopting new technology into a motivational tool for him:

1. The proactive approach

According to Ebertowski, FloraTerra’s clients are not yet requesting updates to their devices, more specifically, their irrigation controllers. They simply are not aware of all of the new technology hitting the market, so Ebertowski and his team make it a point to inform their clients of these advancements.

One particular step Ebertowski has taken to promote education is writing three informative articles a week on new trends. Bringing more knowledge to his clients and colleagues is the best motivator of all.

“Most of the time the clients aren’t asking, we’re actually taking a proactive step and trying to educate our customers through blog articles, and sometimes I’ll send out emails. But we will usually approach the customer with an opportunity: we have an opportunity to conserve water, and this is how we can do it. We eventually provide them information that helps them establish a good decision-making process,” Ebertowski explains.

2. Client honesty

If a client has been using the same irrigation controller or other device for quite some time, it can be hard to convince them to upgrade to a more technologically advanced version, especially if the product is more expensive. Since customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to Ebertowski and FloraTerra, they will never try to upsell a client. Rather, they always provide literature and information so their customers know exactly what they are buying and how it will affect their finances.

“We will provide a return on investment illustration that shows them how long it will take to pay for itself. If it can’t pay for itself in three years, we’ll usually tell them that,” Ebertowski says.

3. Produce results

With client approval being the first and foremost motivator for Ebertowski, he knows the power of producing results. “Customers are willing to spend money on beautiful landscape,” Ebertowski says.

At the end of the day, if a product improves customers’ lawn and landscape, they will most likely invest in it. And when even one customer is happy, Ebertowski is motivated to improve the lives of more clients.

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