Get Equipped: 7 New Aerators, Sprayers & Spreaders For Lawn Pros

Treat and maintain lawns with this assortment of aerators, sprayers and spreaders to keep your clients' properties healthy, green, and pest- and weed-free.

Compiled by Turf Staff
From the April 2024 Issue


This collection of aerators, sprayers and spreaders will help you treat and maintain your clients’ lawns to keep them healthy, green, and pest- and weed-free.

Aerators Sprayers SpreadersScag Turf Storm

The new Turf Storm stand-on spreader/sprayer is a must-have tool for the serious landscape chemical applicator. The new, smaller STS30 model can venture where larger machines cannot, whether on hard-to-access commercial properties or gated residential lawns. With right-sized liquid (30 total gallons) and dry/granular (120 pound) capacities, the Turf Storm will help operators access more areas and get more done per day. A 65”-wide foldaway spray boom with four nozzles delivers spraying widths of 2’, 6’, or 8’. Dry/granular materials can be spread up to 25’ wide thanks to a high-torque electric spreader motor. A 23 HP Vanguard engine delivers ample power and the machine’s 50-amp charging system ensures dependable spreader operation and battery life.

Aerators Sprayers SpreadersZ-Aerate 50 from Z Turf Equipment

The new Z-Aerate 50 takes productivity and profitability to new heights, with a massive 50”, 12-row aeration head and upgraded 25 HP Kohler Command Pro V-Twin engine. The full-floating tine head and articulating front axle let Z-Aerate 50 adjust to the ground contour while maintaining consistent aeration depth. Perform two jobs at once with the integrated broadcast spreader and 150-pound capacity hopper. Additional features include speeds up to 10mph forward and 5mph reverse, hydraulic tine lift and down force, 30-gallon sprayer, 36” slicer seeder, 46” dethatch rake, and 40” spike-style aeration head.

Bobcat Walk Behind AeratorBobcat AE19 Walk-Behind Aerator

The AE19 is the most compact aerator in the Bobcat turf renovation lineup. Designed to rotate independently while aerating, the tine assemblies allow the AE19 to be steered without removing the tines from the ground. The Bobcat AE19 aerates 19” with every pass – at speeds of approximately 3.5 MPH. The AE19’s 30 coring tines penetrate up to 2.75”, allowing nutrients and water to reach deep into the roots. Two removable weights and a water-fillable drum offer a high degree of weight customization to maximize productivity, while also making it easier to lighten the aerator for loading and unloading. Toolless folding handle allows for hassle-free storage and transport by making the aerator more compact and all operating controls are located at the handlebar for convenient and easy operation.

Valley Industries Measuring PitchersValley Industries Measuring Pitchers

Get effortless and precise pouring time after time with universal multi-purpose measuring pitchers from Valley Industries. Featuring raised, black debossed measuring graduations in both fluid ounces and metric units, the pitchers ensure an easy, and exact measurement. Go from a fine trickle to a fast pour with the versatile spout and see increased hand comfort with the heavy-duty, ergonomic handle that can be easily used with gloves on. Made of durable, food-grade polypropylene material, the pitchers can withstand extreme heat and cold with a melting point of 246° F. Available in 8 oz., 16 oz., 32o z., and 64 oz. sizes.

M12™ Handheld Sprayer

Milwaukee Tool M12™ 1 & 2 Gallon Handheld Sprayers

Both the M12™ 1 Gallon and 2 Gallon Handheld Sprayers from Milwaukee Tool are designed to meet the performance, control, and ergonomic needs of professional landscape maintenance and pest control workers. The handheld sprayer provides the best pressure control without any manual pumping, allowing the user to easily optimize performance for multiple applications. Providing instant, constant, and adjustable pressure the sprayer has 3-modes to adjust between 20 – 80 PSI and reaches up to a 17’ vertical spray distance. Users can expect up to 80 gallons of spraying per charge to offer more efficiency and maximum runtime. The M12™ Handheld Sprayer Powerhead is compatible with both the 1 Gallon and 2 Gallon Handheld Sprayer Tanks, allowing users to optimize the tank capacity to the application and premix multiple tanks to increase productivity. The sprayer also features an onboard measuring cup, strainer that filters debris from entering the tank, and vertical and horizontal wand storage.

Site One LESCOLESCO® Model 400

The stand-on LESCO® Model 400 spreader-sprayer makes it easy to cover large areas quickly when applying either granular solids or liquids, or both. Intuitive to drive and control, it can cover up to 3.4 acres with its 50-gallon liquid spray tank. The hopper holds up to 250 pounds of granular solids and has a shaker to prevent clogging. A pivoting front axle and a low center of gravity make the LESCO 400 ideal for sloped terrain, and at only 46” wide, it easily fits through most standard 48” wide gates. The LESCO 400 is simple to maintain and the filters, hose connections, and major parts are designed to be easily accessible. Refueling is a snap with the 6-gallon fuel tank located on the side of the machine and the prominent fuel gauge gives quick reference on fuel level.

Aerators Sprayers SpreadersTurfco T3200 Spreader Sprayer

Designed with minimal maintenance in mind, the T3200 from Turfco empowers operators to dedicate more time to projects and less to equipment upkeep. As the largest capacity applicator that fits through a 36” gate, the T3200 saves time between refills and provides access to tighter spaces normally only reached by dragging hoses. Add on the T-Flex15 tank, and operators have enough liquid capacity to cover up to 140,000 sq. ft. between fills as well as the versatility to spray two liquids simultaneously or independently. The T3200’s pivoting front axle and innovative steering system ensure agility and enhanced control on uneven terrain, eliminating turf tearing and enabling precise alignment for each pass. Enhanced front wheels with greaseable roller bearings provide exceptional durability, while a large access panel simplifies servicing. Additionally, the inclusion of a USB charging port enables operators to charge devices and utilize various applications.


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