Get Equipped: Landscape Lighting


Take a look at this assortment of landscape lighting products that can improve and add value to your professional lawn care and landscaping services.

landscape lighting Bluetooth Spotlight From CAST

The new Bluetooth Spotlight (SBLBTC1) from the CAST Source Lighting® Product Line has unlimited color wheel options. It’s also simple to get up and running with CAST’s custom-built app, which gives you and your clients the power to simply and easily control your lighting system from the palm of your hand. Designed to pair with a smartphone, these spotlights are three to five times brighter than other products on the market, utilizing an MR16 spotlight. Create custom light themes for different occasions… Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Fourth of July, and so many more. Offer your customers unlimited options, as well as the preset red, green, blue, and white that comes already programmed. These fixtures are IP65 rated for harsh environments and include a high impact glass lens. They are also dimmable from 5% to 100% in all color options to enable you to get the exact effect your clients are looking for.

HS Wall Light From FX LuminaireFX Luminaire

The minimalist, low-profile HS recessed wall light, part of the Designer Plus category, provides a practical and innovative solution for modern lighting applications. The compact fixture easily accommodates the shorter steps of contemporary hardscapes. Due to its outward, floor-grazing light distribution capabilities, the HS also provides a next-generation alternative to traditional area lights. Beyond steps, the fixture is ideal for illuminating walkways, driveways, lawns, and patios. The slim profile of the HS was designed to meet the need for a compact area light in today’s modern hardscapes where step risers are often less than 3″ tall. When used with the FX Luminaire Luxor® lighting control technology, the minimalist HS provides zoning, dimming, and color.

Garden Light LEDThe Predator Series From Garden Light LED

Garden Light LED has rolled out a new line of recessed deck lighting: the Predator Series. Each of the three low voltage recessed LED light fixtures in the series offers a sleek, elegant look and high quality. They each offer a different focal output for diverse landscape, step, and deck lighting applications. Choose the Falcon Eye for narrow, focused lighting; the Hawk Eye for wider and higher spectrum needs; and the Eagle Eye for light output in a higher and wider accent angle. Developed and designed to Intertek lighting standards, they are available in either C360 Solid Brass or 6061 Aluminum finishes to match your specific lighting design applications. Built to last with compression lens technology and superior thermal management designs, these LED lights offers 90 lumens of high-quality lighting output while pulling only 2 watts / 5 voltage amps of power. The Predator Series is built in Garden Light LED’s Tampa, FL factory and has a life expectancy of 20 years.

TCS-150 WiFi Lighting Transformer From VistaWiFi Lighting Transformer

The TCS-150 and TCS-300 landscape lighting transformers from Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting combine the features of a standard transformer with the capabilities of a WiFi-enabled lighting control system. Both the TCS-150 and the TCS-300 are four-zone transformers with three individually programmable 12V zones that feature dimming capability and astronomical timing. Each transformer provides an all-in-one install that allows for both zone power and control in a single controller box. A free, downloadable Vista Cloud app allows the TCS-150 and TCS-300 to be controlled by mobile devices. The transformers also feature an industry-first “Smart Zone” terminal that supplies 15V of uninterrupted power for WiFi-enabled smart fixtures and smart lamps with their own control feature. Both TCS models are designed to control LEDs, but they work just as well with halogen and incandescent lamps. Contractors can install RGBW (color-changing) LED lamps on certain fixtures rather than having to install them all at one time. With the TCS-150 and TCS-300 WiFi Lighting Transformers, customers can program individual zones with the lighting color and brightness that they want, anytime from anywhere.

Hardscape LED LuminairesUpgraded Hardscape LED Luminaires From WAC Lighting

WAC Landscape Lighting has upgraded its customizable Hardscape Series of LED Luminaires with Dual CCT and Integral Brightness Control. Lumen adjustment control allows the end-user to illuminate hardscapes of various materials and designs to suit needs and applications. Selectable Dual CCT allows easy switching of color temperatures from a warm 2700K for lighting granite to a pure white 3000K for illuminating bluestone. The luminaires features tightly spaced and diffused LEDs that stem from standard frosted lens for even illumination. The Updated Hardscape Fixture includes a Removable Quick Release Feature that allows the fixture body to be detached from the stainless steel bracket for easy field service. IP66 rated and UL 1838 listed, these luminaires are factory sealed and watertight and conveniently adapt into new or existing 12V Systems. Powered from .5 Watts to 4.5 Watts in a popular 6″ fixture, continuous adjustment brightness control allows you to adjust the light output in the field from 15 to 110 lumens, just by turning the dial. A stainless steel masonry bracket and rotatable mounting bracket help achieve the desired angle and eliminate glare. Sizes range from 3″ to 18″ in length, with controllability features available on the 6″, 12″, and 18″ models. The Hardscape luminaires mount on walls in all orientations for numerous applications.

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