Get Equipped: Organic And Natural Products


[dropcap]T[/dropcap]ake a look at these five organic and natural products that can improve your professional lawn care services.

organic and natural productsChicken Soup For The Soil® by Dr. Jimz

This fertilizer contains all the nutrients Dr. Jimz has identified as being beneficial for edibles; it brings the biology in dead soil back to life and delivers what fruits, vegetables, herbs, and fruit trees need to meet their maximum genetic potential. Rather than force feeding plants with mainstream chemical fertilizer, you can improve soil by properly feeding it the microbes plants need to thrive. Chicken Soup For The Soil® is structured in a way that makes it easy for microbes to absorb, create new life, and fuel plants. Bioavailable nutrient “microclusters” bind to organic matter and do not wash out, accumulating over time. Work on all soils and is 100% nontoxic and non-leaching. Available for commercial use in tankers, totes, pallets, and barrels.

Nourish-Biosol Fertilizer by John & Bob’sNourish-Biosol Fertilizer by John & Bob’s

John & Bob’s Nourish-Biosol organic fertilizer formulation has a beneficial biomass that enhances soil health and microbial life. This unique slow release nutrient formulation provides vital plant nutrients throughout the entire growing season due to the fermented organic material. There is an increased effect on the formation of humus, root mass, and the living microbial biomass in the soil. Promoting a healthy balance of microbial life ensures long-term plant color, yield, and plant health. This results in far lower concentrations of nitrates in ground water than synthetic fertilizers. Nourish-Biosol will not burn and remains safe to be used around pets and children.

organic and natural productsPerformance Organics® by Miracle-Gro®

Introduced this past March, Miracle-Gro Performance Organics feature a revolutionary blend of natural and organic materials and locally sourced, specially aged compost. This approach maximizes plant growth, delivering up to twice the bounty for vegetables, flowers, and herbs (versus unfed plants). Landscapers now have an organic gardening solution that achieves results on par with – or better than – conventional Miracle-Gro products. Miracle-Gro Performance Organics soils and plant foods are Organics Materials Review Institute (OMRI) Listed®. The packaging is environmentally minded too– the soil bags are “I’m Green” certified (greater than 25% bio-based plastic), while the shaker jugs contain 25% recycled plastic and are recyclable after use. The complete Miracle-Gro Performance Organics product line includes: All Purpose Container Mix; All Purpose In-Ground Soil; All Purpose Plant Nutrition; All Purpose Plant Nutrition Granules; and Garden Feeder.

10-0-2 Lawn Food Pro Packs by Purely Organic ProductsLawn Food Pro Packs by Purely Organic Products

10-0-2 Lawn Food Pro Packs offer several advantages to a professional turf care program. These include: all natural ingredients derived from plant based proteins; the plant proteins feed the soil to create a healthy system that then feeds the turf; no phosphorus; no manure or biosolids (which equals no offensive odors); and nutrition to create a healthy soil system. 10-0-2 Lawn Food Pro Packs are safe for plants, pets and people (no application re-entry restrictions). To help keep your costs down and your results up, Purely Organic Products works directly with customers without distributors.

Dry Crumbles® 6-10-1 + 10% Ca from BioFloraDry Crumbles® 6-10-1 + 10% Ca from BioFlora

Dry Crumbles contains a balanced blend of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and high levels of calcium and other minor and trace minerals. This will give a long-lasting green up to grasses and renewed vigor to flowering plants and shrubs. In fact, calcium is essential for fruit finishing and enhancing the shelf life of produce. An organic, coarse-grade dry fertilizer formulated to provide an excellent source of high-quality, sustainable nutrients for all types of plants and lawns. Dry Crumbles’ slow-release, carbon-based granules work to feed plants and the soil microbial ecosystem that supports them. All without nutrient loss and leaching. Available in five lb. and 25 lb. bags at select locations.

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