Get Equipped: Snow & Ice Management At GIE+EXPO


Want a sneak peek at some of the newest Snow & Ice Management equipment that will be on display at GIE+EXPO next week, October 20-22, in Louisville, KY? See below!

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Single-Motor High-Flow Snow Blowers, John DeereSingle-Motor, High-Flow Snow Blowers From John Deere

Compatible with the John Deere compact track loaders, compact wheel loaders, and skid steers, the SB72D, SB78D and SB84D Snow Blowers incorporate features such as hydraulically operated poly-lined chutes and deflectors, reinforced wrappers, adjustable skid shoes, and two auger options for improved performance and durability. This introduction expanded the company’s lineup of attachments to include additional versatile solutions that increase the value and capabilities of compact machines. The new two-stage hydraulic snow blowers are ideal for clearing snow from roadways, parking lots, driveways, and sidewalks, and they move snow up to 45’ from the machine. In addition to the standard smooth auger, the D-Series Snow Blowers are now also available with a serrated auger option that is designed to cut through the toughest of snow conditions. No case drain connection is required on standard and high-flow models, and the direct-drive motors at the auger and impeller provide reliable performance while requiring fewer parts than previous models. The D-Series models feature a 36″ high-volume intake shroud, maximizing snow-clearing productivity. The hydraulically activated, poly-lined chutes and deflectors enable easy snow placement from in-cab controls, making it stress-free for the operator to maneuver and remove snow. The chute rotates 270˚ using a simple, direct-drive hydraulic motor, rather than a chain and sprocket design or cables. The simple-to-adjust skid shoes set cutting edge height to accommodate different surge types on the job. Additionally, the models can be equipped with replaceable bolt-on, wear-resistant, tapered steel edges and poly edges.

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UTV Mid-Duty Plow And Drop Pro Spreaders, SnowExUTV Mid-Duty Plow And Drop Pro™ Spreaders From SnowEx

The SnowEx® UTV Mid-Duty straight blade plow and the Drop Pro™ 250 and Drop Pro™ 600 stainless steel drop spreaders are the latest additions to the company’s line of off-road equipment. SnowEx recognizes the UTV Market is booming for winter services, and operators want purpose-built snow and ice control equipment with advanced features. The UTV Mid-Duty plow—made of high-strength materials in a lightweight design—provides a tailored snow removal solution for mid-sized sport and recreational utility vehicles. The 5’6″ and 6’ widths fit sidewalks easily, and high-strength components ensure commercial durability. The patent-pending Sway-Frame™ design shifts the blade from side-to-side, keeping the blade aligned with the vehicle’s wheels while angling to help prevent hard-packed snow. Powerful hydraulics provide full angle and lift operation from inside the cab, eliminating the need for operators to withstand the elements to position the blade. Made from laser-cut stainless steel and constructed with high-strength rivets, the all-new Drop Pro 250 and Drop Pro 600 spreaders give a spread width of up to 36″ to keep salt exactly where the vehicle drives. And with three standard mounting systems, these units fit on most UTVs, compact tractors, or wheel loaders to make quick work of sidewalks, walking paths, and other hard surfaces where trucks can’t easily gain access. Variable-speed control allows precise matching of the material delivery rate to the conditions. The free-flowing material delivery system ensures a consistent amount of material flows into the spreader trough while constantly agitating the material to prevent bridging.

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Base Plus and Advantage Cab Models, Curtis IndustriesBase, Plus, and Advantage Cab Models From Curtis Industries

Curtis Industries, manufacturer of cab enclosures, accessories and attachments for tractors, utility vehicles, and golf carts, introduced eight new tractor cab enclosure models for current model John Deere 1 Family 1023E/1025R, 2 Family 2032R/2038R, 2025R, and Kubota BX-80 Tractors. The Curtis Base and Plus Cabs, complement the existing Curtis Advantage Cab Series. All Curtis Base, Plus, and Advantage Cab models include: Interior Heater-Defroster; Venting Glass Windshield; Front Wiper (12V 110˚ Sweep); Custom Designed High Strength Curtis Frame; Steel Roof with Acoustical Headliner and Tapered Drip Edge; Powder Coated Finish (Custom Factory Color Matched/Corrosion Resistant); Pre-Drilled Holes for Accessory Work Lights and Mirrors; and John Deere Cabs are fully Backhoe Compatible. The time-tested Curtis Advantage Cab Design is extended to allow users to select from three door options (roll-up, lockable vinyl hinged, or lockable all-steel) and two rear panel options (vinyl roll-up or glass). The Base Cab Model features Durable Clear Vinyl Doors that zip in place and roll up for storage. The rear panel window is also clear vinyl and stores in the rolled-up position. The Plus Cab models feature upgraded framed clear vinyl doors. This traditional rear hinged door design provides an improved weather seal in cold or windy conditions, exceptional side visibility, and locks for added security. This cab also has a clear vinyl rear window that rolls up and stores away. Curtis Advantage Cabs offer maximum protection from winter weather and feature lockable steel doors with large glass windows, and a glass rear panel window. Both the doors and rear panel window feature toolless removal. Curtis Advantage Cabs are available on current model John Deere: 1023E, 1025R, 2032R, 2038R, 2025R, 300E; Kubota: BX1880, BX238, BX2680; Massey Ferguson: 1700E/1800E; Mahindra: 1526/1626, Max26XLT; and New Holland: Workmaster 25S Tractors. All Cab Models (Base, Plus & Advantage) utilize the same frame structure, so customers can upgrade or change doors or rear panel if needs or preferences change. A full line of Cab Accessories is available.

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BrineMixx, HilltipBrineMixx From Hilltip

Hilltip introduces its BrineMixx™ 135-800 brine solution blenders to accommodate the growing demand for the use of brine in ice maintenance programs. Available in three different sizes (135, 370, or 800 gallons), the BrineMixx is an external brine blender design that makes it simple to achieve the perfect combination of water and salt for either anti-icing or direct de-icing applications. The BrineMixx works by filling the tank with fresh water and adding rock salt to preset amounts based on the amount of water present. Then the electric-powered, 103-gpm pump is activated and the three-way valve opened to properly circulate the mixture. Since these are smaller batches, it doesn’t require much agitation to achieve the ideal salinity concentration of 23.3%. With the largest 800-gallon unit, it takes a little more than an hour to mix a full tank of brine. Once a batch is complete, there is no need for a storage tank. The brine can be pumped directly from the blending tank to the spreader or sprayer as it’s being produced. A heavy-duty filter is located between the valve and transfer hose, capturing dirt and contaminants and keeping them from reaching the application equipment. The blending tank and lid are constructed out of durable polyethylene, which makes the brine blender rust and corrosion free. A liquid level indicator is integrated into the blending tank and a sharp-edged spike strip is included on the top grate to simplify opening bags of salt. Also, a salinity meter is provided for accurate brine testing.

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SnowDogg VXXII Plow, Buyers ProductsSnowDogg® VXXII Plow From Buyers Products

The SnowDogg® VXXII plow is a 10.5’ V-plow designed for very heavy-duty use. This plow from Buyers Products mounts to Class 4-6 trucks, with wings that ascend from 35″ in the middle to 45″ on either end. The plow is the result of increasing market demand for such a large V-plow. Before its introduction to the market in early 2021, the SnowDogg VXXII underwent more than two years of rigorous testing and design. The SnowDogg team, including engineers, product managers, and manufacturing staff, worked directly with some of the country’s largest snow and ice contractors to refine the plow. With its wide wingspan and heavy-duty build, the VXXII specializes in clearing large amounts of heavy, wet snow. The plow features a genuine 304 stainless steel blade with aggressive, flared wings and a robust frame built to absorb heavy impacts. The VXXII also includes popular SnowDogg features like the RapidLink™ Attachment System and Floating A-frame™. The SnowDogg VXXII is being manufactured at Buyers’ facility in Northeast Ohio, and is now available for the 2021 winter season. The Buyers line of snow and ice equipment includes SnowDogg® snow plows, SaltDogg® spreaders, and ScoopDogg snow pushers.

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