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[dropcap]T[/dropcap]ake a look at this assortment of water features that can add value and beauty to your professional lawn care and landscaping services.

Outdoor Fire & Water™ Spillways From Trex®Water Features

Trex Outdoor Fire & Water spillways are both purposeful and decorative and will add a whole new level of elegant design to a backyard environment. Constructed from premium grade copper or stainless steel, Trex Outdoor Fire & Water spillways are fully welded and polished for optimal performance and aesthetics. They won’t warp, cave, or bend and feature expertly engineered baffles to ensure water flows smoothly without clogging, corroding, or leaving calcium build-up on surrounding surfaces. Contractors can integrate the spillways into walls and garden structures or use them for spillover applications. Trex Outdoor Fire & Water spillways are available in Smooth Flow, Radius, U-Shape, Wall Mounted Bowl, and Cannon options to create different looks and water patterns. The spillways also can be made in custom sizes or to fit concave or convex radius walls.

Water FeaturesNanobubble Generators From Moleaer

Is your client’s pond or lake plagued with blue-green and filamentous algae? An alternative to traditional chemical (algaecides and alum) and aeration methods, Moleaer’s clear nanobubble generators work by injecting trillions of oxygen-rich nanobubbles into water. These nanobubbles, 2500 times smaller than a grain of salt, dissolve nearly all their oxygen evenly throughout a body of water irrespective of depth, and penetrate the muck layer. They provide a chemical-free oxidant ​capable of destroying algae cells and toxins, reducing biofilm growth, and suppressing harmful pathogens, even in warm water.​ They’ve also been proven to safely raise oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) readings in water significantly above what can be achieved through traditional methods. Nanobubbles provide a long-term, cost-effective solution for maintaining and improving aquatic ecosystems with a simple, shore-mounted, plug-n-play system that can be installed in just a few hours.

Water Features

Atlantis & Niagara Fountains From Belgard With Atlantic Water Gardens

Belgard partnered with Atlantic Water Gardens to develop two complete water feature kits—The Atlantis Water Bowl Fountain and the Niagara Spillway Fountain. Both of these kits come with the pumps, plumbing, spillways, and liner all in one complete box. Step-by-step project guides are available to allow contractors to build either fountain quickly with Weston Wall, Tandem Wall, or Belgard’s new Melville Wall systems. A complete material list will enable contractors to source and bid these new features easily. (Product photos not yet available. Rendering at right.)

KascoRedesigned 2 Through 7.5HP J Series Fountains By Kasco

Kasco has redesigned its 2, 3, 5 and 7-1/2HP J Series fountains. Engineered for enhanced fountain performance, these new units feature increased water flow for improved pattern definition and dimension, all without an increase in amp draw or operating costs. Updated components and less hardware make assembly and installation easier. By using a one-piece float, and twist-and-lock nozzles and bottom screens, field technicians can install several fountains in the same time it previously took to install one. For the first time, these units now include a Balsam 3-tier pattern, featuring three distinct plumes of cascading water. Included in the base purchase price, the new Balsam pattern complements the included Linden, Spruce, Redwood, and Birch patterns. Also new this year, is the Mighty Oak Premium nozzle (purchased separately) which displays 3-tiers with eight streams of water in each, creating a beautiful arched display.

Shoreline Restoration Services From SOLitude Lake ManagementSOLitude Lake Management

Weak and damaged shorelines can negatively impact aesthetics, reduce property values, and threaten stormwater compliance. In the worst cases, unsafe shorelines can endanger visitors and increase the risk of a costly lawsuit. Since no two properties are the same, SOLitude avoids a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Premium woven shoreline technologies like SOX® Solutions provide discrete, long-lasting erosion control, while rip-rap, coconut coir logs, and other common alternatives offer unmistakable sediment containment benefits. Our experts carefully examine the unique structural weaknesses and identify the primary factors contributing to deterioration. Once a comprehensive understanding of needs is established, we help: consider the various restoration tools available; determine which options achieve aesthetic, functional, and budgetary goals; and ensure the selection is tailored to fit seamlessly.

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