4 Ways to Get Millennials’ Attention


If you take a look at the predictions for the housing market in 2017, one demographic has control: millennials. So get ready to market your services to a younger generation, because according to realtor.com, 52 percent of homebuyers this year will be buying their first home, and 78 percent of first-time buyers will be between the ages of 25 and 34.

Surprisingly — opposite of what many may assume — millennials are looking to buy in the suburbs, according to realtor.com. This group is focusing on safety, privacy and more space, both inside and outdoors, so single-family homes or townhomes are a top draw.

So whether you’re looking for more residential contracts to improve landscape design, or housing developments where you can focus on a community’s aesthetic, you need to know what millennials are looking for in their outdoor spaces. Here are a few things to pay attention to:

1. Embrace new inspiration sources.

Millennials are turning to sites and apps like Pinterest, Houzz and Instagram for design ideas, RealtorMag says. To tap into their way of thinking, ask what landscape or home design accounts they follow on Instagram, or invite them create a secret Pinterest board they share with you so you can get to know what strikes their attention.

2. Think low-maintenance.

While this demographic wants to get outside, maintaining a large swath of turf is not high on their want list, according to RealtorMag. A green space with low-maintenance plantings would be ideal and would also appeal to their environmentally friendly lifestyle.

3. Outdoor living is a must.

A survey conducted by Casual Living found that millennials are just as likely as baby boomers to rank outdoor living as important. In fact, get those patio and deck designs underway, because these groups make up seven out of 10 customers buying dining or chat sets, according to the magazine. So while millennials and baby boomers may have some differences, they want to enjoy their outdoor spaces as much as their parents do.

4. Get tech savvy.

Nielsen reports that 74 percent of millennials believe that technology makes their lives easier. So you know when it comes to their irrigation systems, they’re going to want instant access via their smartphone, no matter where they are. At-their-fingertips tech features will make an irrigation system an easy sell.

While the data from these studies and reports is undoubtedly helpful, and eyeopening, nothing beats getting to know the desires of your customers personally. Spend some time with the millennials in your area, and ask what they’re looking for in landscape design and services. Focusing in on what can make their lives easier and more enjoyable can translate to loyal customers for you for years to come.