Here’s What I Love About Great Landscape Bloggers


I regularly receive blogs from about a dozen landscape companies — companies that I respect. Some of the companies and their owners I know quite well, others not so well. But, I always enjoy getting their blogs. Most of them arrive to my email inbox about once a month.

I can always count on companies such as Allentuck Landscaping in Clarksburg, Maryland; Michael Hatcher & Associates in Memphis; and Schill Grounds Management in North Ridgeville, Ohio, to share excellent information in their blogs.

These and other landscape bloggers don’t assume that landscaping is top of mind with the folks receiving their monthly messages. The other thing these bloggers do is to provide bite-sized, easy-to-comprehend, seasonal information along with reminders of specific services their companies offer.

Not too much and not too little and always colorful.

The most recent blog from Schill Grounds Management offers a great example. The blog post is headlined “4 Spring Add-On Services That Increase the Value of Your Commercial Property.” If you’re a commercial property manager (Schill client or not), wouldn’t you be tempted to dig into the blog to find out about the four services?

And the four spring add-on services? Here they are minus the more descriptive verbiage of each of them that Schill shared in the post:

  1. Annual flowers that refresh landscape beds and add a pop of color to entrances and other important focal points.
  2. Mulch to protect plants, retain soil moisture and provide a polished look.
  3. Irrigation maintenance to address any leaks, breaks or inefficiencies in the system
  4. Flight control for managing nuisance birds like Canada Geese.

If you want to write a landscape company blog, you could do a lot worse than checking out the examples on the websites of the companies mentioned in this piece.

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