Greenzie Finds Autonomous Mower Market In College Campuses

Greenzie tech frees up time for facility professionals to focus on the other details of maintaining beautiful grounds.


GreenzieGreenzie, which provides autonomous functionality for commercial mowers, has found a niche of early adopters in college campuses. Greenzie-powered autonomous mowers now mow practice fields at community colleges in Texas, large open spaces at Georgia Southern University, and green spaces at several other college facilities across the U.S.

Greenzie offers field-tested, self-driving software coupled with robotic sensor hardware to increase productivity, efficiency, and safety for commercial landscaping businesses. On college campuses, the autonomous tech frees up time for facility professionals to focus on the details of maintaining beautiful grounds, rather than spending a lot of time mowing.

“The implementation of Greenzie technology has significantly increased our efficiency, enabling us to perform more detailed work and freeing up valuable resources,” comments Maurice A. Coley, superintendent of landscape operations at Georgia Southern. “For example, we utilize many of the options like creating many different mowing patterns, saving multiple mowing areas, and defining keep-out zones.”

Coley said he is “very pleased with our investment…” He adds, “The immediate benefits led us to purchase a second unit for our Savannah campus and I am considering a third unit,” he added. “I have personally witnessed the positive impact this technology has had on our campus and team morale.”

For the past two mowing seasons, Greenzie-powered mowers have also helped maintain the University of Wisconsin’s Madison campus. The tech is installed on Wright Autonomous Stander ZK mowers (shown above). “We love using Greenzie technology because it makes the work easier and allows our team to grow in a whole new technology skill set,” says Chad Schultz, associate director of Facility Services, University Recreation & Wellbeing at UW-Madison. “We can be more efficient in our work than we ever have before.”

In 2023, a crew at UW-Madison mowed the most autonomous acres per hour— 3.1 autonomous acres/hour—earning a “Best of Greenzie” award.

Additionally, Greenzie works with Purdue University’s engineering department, providing students with a Wright Autonomous Stander ZK to experiment with and even mow open spaces on the university’s agriculture campus.  Greenzie is also a member of Auburn University’s Outdoor Power Equipment Consortium, providing graduate students and researchers with autonomous mowing technology to perform research, development, and performance assessments that drive technological innovation, commercial adoption, and advanced collaborations in support of the outdoor power equipment industry.

In total, over 200 Greenzie-equipped mowers across the entire U.S. are being used by customers and as demo units at select outdoor power equipment dealers.

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