38 Percent of Homeowners Looking for a Landscaper


How are you feeling about your backlog for the season? Is it full? If not, I have some good news for you: there’s still work out there.

In fact, according to the 2016 Houzz Landscape Study, 38 percent of homeowners are planning to start a landscape project in the next year, and another 32 percent are currently in the middle of a landscape project. The remaining 30 percent completed a landscape project in the last 12 months.

Large scale and scope define the majority of these outdoor projects. Fifty-three percent of them are substantial renovations, 35 percent are complete overhauls and 12 percent are minor updates.

As far as location is concerned, 75 percent of these projects are happening in backyards, 54 percent in front yards, 40 percent in side yards and 2 percent on rooftops.Want to tap into the 38 percent of homeowners who are planning landscape projects? Target what they value most in outdoor designs: 46 percent want their landscapes to complement their home styles; 45 percent want to create outdoor living areas; 43 percent want something stylish and beautiful; 26 percent want landscapes that attract bees, butterflies and birds; 24 percent want landscapes that are water-efficient; 20 percent want landscapes that reflect who they are; 19 percent want to increase the resale values of their homes; 18 percent want eco-friendly landscapes; 14 percent seek native vegetation; 13 percent want landscapes that make statements, and 6 percent want landscapes that integrate with the neighborhood.