Horizon Distributors Launches Always in Stock” Program”


PHOENIX, Ariz. – Since the economic downturn there has been a perception in the green industry that distributors aren’t maintaining the same stocking levels they did before 2009.  Right or wrong, contractors have been voicing concern about their distributor’s ability to fill  orders. 

To better support the industry, Horizon Distributors has invested in a new program to reassure landscape professionals that they have the products contractors  need day in and day out. The new "Always in Stock" program guarantees that core products will be on the shelves, or you receive a $10 gift certificate. 

Each Horizon store has a list of products on the AIS program. If you walk in to a Horizon store and they are out of one of those products, you receive a $10 gift certificate off your next purchase.  Because of regional preferences the specific products vary by store.

The AIS program runs through October. To see which products are on the AIS at your local Horizon, visit your local store or go to HorizonOnline.com.