Hunter Announces Wireless Mini-Clik® Sensor For Water Savings

Hunter has fielded numerous customer requests for a product like this.


Mini-Clik®Hunter’s Mini-Clik® Sensor has gone wireless! Over time, Hunter has fielded numerous customer requests for a product like this. It’s now easier than ever to include a rain/freeze sensor on new and retrofit projects.

Once installed, it saves water with two shutoff options: Accumulated Rainfall for shutdown after ⅛” to ¾” of rain is detected or Quick Response® Technology for instant shutdown. Built-in freeze sensing halts system operation at 37°F to protect plants and keep roads and walkways ice-free.

No Weather Or Wire Worries

The Wireless Mini-Clik® Sensor is designed to help manage constantly changing weather without the need for troublesome wires. Here are a few ways it can improve your next project:

  • Increase design flexibility: With an 800′ line-of-sight wireless range, you can locate the sensor nearly anywhere on a project site.
  • Protect the landscape: Innovative sensor technology stops irrigation during inclement weather to prevent overwatering in rainy climates, which can lead to nutrient loss, plant disease, shallow roots, weeds, and an increased need for fertilizer.
  • Simplify installation: Wireless communication eliminates the need for costly, labor-intensive wire runs during installation.
  • Comply with water regulations: As more agencies require rain shutoff devices on controllers, the Wireless Mini-Clik Sensor is a simple solution to keep your project ahead of the curve.
  • Prevent tampering: The wire-free design makes it possible to install the sensor in places that deter vandals.

The Wireless Mini-Clik® Sensor is compatible with all Hunter AC-powered and Hydrawise® enabled controllers. Install the sensor on any eave, wall, fence, or gutter.

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