Hydroseeders, Topdressers/ Spreaders & Seeders


Whether you’re fertilizing, topdressing, seeding a lawn area or more, we have the equipment you’re looking for in this month’s product focus.

But, what should you look for?

James Truan, vice president of marketing for TurfEx, says, “It pays to invest in professional-quality equipment.” Whatever you’re in the market for, make sure to do your homework ahead of time, and make sure to look for a unit that fits your needs, and gives your company the most bang for the buck.

For example, if you want to purchase a new topdresser, Truan says, “Contractors should look for maintenance-saving features. For instance, polyethylene hoppers require little upkeep and won’t corrode. Also, electric drives don’t have a long routine maintenance schedule like engines do.”

Use this guide as a first step, and remember, you can find additional information about the companies highlighted in blue by visiting their advertisements in this issue.


Finn Corp.

The T-120 has a 1,000-gallon working tank capacity and can seed, fertilize and mulch one-third acre per load in a one-step process. Various configurations available.


Turbo Technologies

The HY-500-HE hybrid system features paddle and jet agitation, poly tank, 8 or 13 hp Honda engines, heavy-duty spray platform and turret gun. Skid or pull units.


TurfMaker Corp.

Hydromulchers are designed to apply spray-on erosion control blanket products and range in size from 325 to 1,200 gallons, with various options and accessories.



Earth & Turf Products

The MultiSpread 320 is a 1-cubic-yard model with a wide-spread beater and two-wheel ground drive. Hydraulic drive is available. Easily pulled by 20 hp tractors.


EarthWay Products

Designed to spread all types of granular products, the 2170PRO-SS has a stainless steel chassis, 100-pound poly hopper and EV-N-SPRED PRO dual-port shutoff system.



The Ecolawn Applicator is maneuverable and has an easy-fill hopper. Lawn care professionals can spread products in a 180-degree, forward-directed arc.


Ground Logic

Ride-on spreader/sprayers feature Honda engines, stainless steel construction, spreading capacities from 120 to 220 pounds and spraying capacities up to 16 gallons.



The electric broadcast spreader has a molded hopper base with stainless steel gate controls. Electronic speed control adjusts spread widths from 5 to 24 feet.


Northern Turf Equipment

The SS 220 Spread-n-Spray has a 220-pound hopper and spread pattern that can be adjusted from 0 to 32 feet wide via the spread control knob on the dashboard.



The Triumph spreader/sprayer offers a 150-pound hopper, 10-gallon liquid capacity and 5.5 hp Honda engine. The unit fits through a 36-inch gate.



The PS 200 has a 200-pound hopper, 12 to 14-foot effective spread pattern, front-wheel drive, continuous rotation impeller and optional side deflector.



The PLSS220 for mowers and UTVs features a heavy-duty frame, electric motor and skew adjustment. Options include a cover and hopper extension to 330 pounds.


Spyker Spreaders

The S60-12020 features a 120-pound hopper capacity, split-shaft design, easy calibration, solid stainless steel axle, metal gears and oversized single gate opening.


STEC Equipment

The GT-100 comes in several sizes, with hopper capacities ranging from 20 to 28 cubic feet. It features a self-contained hydraulic system with Honda engine or PTO drive.



The CR-7 uses WideSpin technology for an accurate spread from light to heavy and up to 35 feet wide. The self-cleaning galvanized hopper can be unloaded quickly.



The MS4500 offers a 1.4-cubic-yard capacity, polyethylene construction, fully electric operation, 18 PSI of ground pressure and precision spreading ability.



Turf seeders feature 26 heat-treated multipurpose blades designed with a cutting edge on both ends for double the blade life. Five-position, single-action height adjustment.


First Products

The PTO-powered SEEDA-Vator has vibrating tines to fracture the soil with nine holes per square foot. It uses a broadcast pattern for uniform coverage without rows.



The Power Seeder attaches to Harley Power Box Rakes and comes in 60 and 72-inch seeding widths and 3.5 and 4.5-bushel hopper capacities.


Kasco Mfg.

The Vari-Slice seeder comes in 3, 4, 6 and 8-foot widths. The disc angle can be adjusted quickly to move more aggressively over the ground.


L.T. Rich Products

The Z-Plug can be equipped with a 36-inch slit seeder attachment to cut in, drop and compress seed. A spiker attachment can be used to puncture holes in the ground.


Land Pride

Solid Stand Overseeders have straight or curved knives, working widths of 48 or 72 inches, cast-iron packer wheels and fluted seed cups that precisely meter the seed.



The Mataway overseeder features snap-out reels, 390cc Honda engine, cast-iron bore, 19-inch seeding width, 2-inch seed spacing and fully adjustable seed density.


STEC Equipment

The Aeraseeder has an internal agitator and bearing assembly that deliver a smooth, constant working action for steady seed flow. It creates flowerpot-shaped holes.


Next month will feature a Product Focus on Snowplows, Spreaders and Deicers.