Increase Your Lawn Or Landscape Business’s Online Leads

13 action items for any lawn or landscape company in the digital age.

By Ron McCabe
From the April 2024 Issue


Effectively and consistently getting leads online is the lifeblood of landscaping businesses that want to grow. The way clients interact with us and engage is constantly shifting. The expectations for how we interact, as well as how fast we make contact is also in flux.

For several years, we have enjoyed unprecedented growth in our industry and some businesses have not had to actively look for leads. However, the market is shifting and those days are over. Such market shifts give savvy companies the opportunity to grow while others fade away. With all the options and tools available today, you can alter your digital marketing playbook to maximize lead generation and accelerate your growth in 2024.

Generate Online Leads
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Have A Lead Response

1. Response Time Is Key. When a potential customer reaches out to your business—whether through your website, social media, or email—their interest is at its peak. How you respond in the first few moments can make all the difference in converting a lead into a loyal customer.

Studies have shown that the likelihood of converting a lead drops significantly with each passing minute of delayed response. According to a study by the Harvard Business Review, businesses that respond to leads within the first hour are seven times more likely to qualify the lead than those who wait even an hour longer. In this new competitive environment, your chance of closing a lead goes down by as much as 85% if you do not engage them in some way in less than five minutes.

According to a study by the Harvard Business Review, businesses that respond to leads within the first hour are seven times more likely to qualify the lead than those who wait even an hour longer.

2. Utilize Automation Wisely. Incorporating automation tools can streamline your response process so no lead slips through the cracks. Tools like automated email responders or chatbots on your website can provide immediate acknowledgment and preliminary assistance while freeing up your team to focus on more personalized interactions. We have also found that automated scheduling which allows your leads to schedule a time when you are available will stop the “list crawl” until they meet with you.

3. Don’t Forget Personal Engagement. While automation can expedite initial responses, personalized follow-up is crucial for nurturing leads into conversions. Whether through phone calls, personalized emails, or social media interactions, demonstrating genuine interest and addressing individual needs can significantly increase the likelihood of conversion.

Incorporating a responsive approach to lead cultivation as part of your digital marketing strategy can significantly enhance your ability to convert leads into loyal customers. By prioritizing prompt and personalized engagement, setting clear expectations, leveraging automation tools wisely, and continuously refining your approach, you can cultivate a robust pipeline of leads. In the digital age, responsiveness is not just a virtue – it’s a competitive advantage that can set your business apart and drive growth in an increasingly interconnected marketplace.

Your Online Presence

4. Establish Your Online Foundation. When someone wants a certain service, the first thing they do is search online for nearby businesses. Establish your online foundation and position yourself as an industry leader by creating a user-friendly website.

Highlight the services you provide, show off your work with before-and-after photos, and include your contact information. If you’re just starting out, a basic website is a great way to build credibility and show that your business is legitimate.

Optimize your website so that you rank higher in search engine results. SEO (search engine optimization) or organic leads from search results are the least expensive leads and can often produce results year after year. Higher search rankings increase organic traffic to your website, helping to grow your customer base.

5. Connect With Your Audience on Social Media. Social media is more than a way to catch up with old friends. It’s a powerful tool for cultivating connections and fostering trust with your audience. With billions of active users across various platforms, social media offers a unique opportunity to engage directly with potential customers and establish your business as a trusted authority in the industry.

Generate Online Leads
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An effective social media strategy is a long game that works on impressions over time and becomes increasingly effective. By writing clever, engaging, and helpful posts your target market will start to look at your company as the expert and trusted source to work on their next project with. Which brings us to….

6. Show Your Expertise. As a landscaping pro, your expertise is one of your most valuable assets. Social media platforms allow you to showcase your knowledge and skills by sharing in-depth, informative content. You can offer landscaping tips, design inspirations, and maintenance advice. By positioning yourself as a reliable source of valuable information, you can establish credibility and authority.

7. Update Your Landscaping Blog. One way to begin improving your search ranking is by updating your blog regularly. You may think of a blog as an outdated form of an online journal. That may have been true many years ago, but the way people use blogs has changed. A blog that offers valuable information is a great way to improve your search results.

8. Cultivate Lasting Relationships. Social media platforms give you the opportunity to engage directly with your audience. Providing valuable content as mentioned above and engaging in direct communication helps build meaningful connections. Relationships built on trust and mutual respect create a lasting foundation for a loyal customer base.

9. Run Promotions & Campaigns. Running promotions, contests, and campaigns is a great way to attract and engage potential customers. Whether it’s offering discounts, hosting giveaways, or launching seasonal promotions, social media allows you to create buzz around your business and incentivize engagement.

10. Address Customer Concerns. In the digital age, customer service is no longer confined to phone calls and emails – it’s happening in real-time on social media platforms. By promptly addressing customer concerns, inquiries, and feedback on social media, you demonstrate your commitment to customer satisfaction and build trust through transparent and responsive communication.

Other Avenues

11. Create a Google Business Profile. A Google Business Profile (GBP), formerly Google My Business, is an often overlooked and underutilized opportunity to engage new leads. A fully optimized GBP ensures your landscaping business appears in local searches, google maps, and enhances the targeting for the projects or services closest to your market. It’s important that all information on your GBP is complete and contains accurate business information, customer reviews, and updates. It’s a key way for your local audience to find your business and read what your recent customers thought about your work. Make sure your listed service area helps attract the customers you want.

A fully optimized Google Business Profile ensures your landscaping business appears in local searches, google maps, and enhances the targeting for the projects or services closest to your market.

Once you establish this profile, don’t forget to make regular updates. If your hours change, if you offer new services, or if you move your office to a different building, you can update your profile so you don’t lose any customers.

12. Utilize Local Service Ads or Google Guaranteed. The simplest and most effective way to start paid advertising is with local service ads. These are heavily dependent on calls and the ad campaign is driven by the information on your website and Google Business Profile. Because this is driven by your GBP, these advertising
campaigns are highly targeted to your immediate area.

13. Use Paid or “Pay-Per-Click” (PPC) Advertising. PPC advertising is a great tool for paid advertising and allows more options to target your desired customers. Unlike traditional advertising methods that rely on broad-reaching tactics, PPC advertising enables you to pay only when potential clients click on your ad, helping allocate your marketing budget toward genuine leads. Unlike SEO, an effective PPC program can turn on the spigot of new leads when needed. When combined with an effective SEO campaign, Google Guaranteed and PPC advertising are effective ways to maximize leads every month.

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Get Started

Now that you know some key ways to boost online lead generation, it’s important to prioritize your efforts. Start by reducing your response times, building an interactive website, and creating a GBP. Once you establish your online presence, focus on paid ads and social media. By incorporating these elements into your business strategy, you’ll cultivate a robust online presence, connect with targeted customers, and position your business for sustained success. It’s time to embrace the digital tools that can unlock the full potential of online lead generation and growth in 2024.

Online LeadsMcCabe is the founder and president of Everbearing Services, a Portland-based digital marketing agency focused on helping landscapers improve their online visibility and customer engagement. He is internationally recognized for his search engine optimization (SEO) mastery. McCabe uses his SEO skill, along with his background in tech and engineering, to help businesses grow from small operations to multimillion-dollar organizations. 

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