An Award-Winning Scentsy Landscape


CTA’s Site Group recently won two regional awards from the Idaho/Montana chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects for its work on the Scentsy headquarters, based in Meridian, Idaho.


Scentsy’s office tower won the Design Excellence Award in the general design category; only one of these is presented every two years through unanimous voting by peers within the landscape architecture profession. Also bestowed was an Honor Merit Award for Scentsy’s entry feature in the landscape details category.









Some highlights from the company’s awards submission:

  • The building and outdoor spaces were designed keeping in mind a connection to the surrounding mountain profiles, so steel structures with contrasting conifers and hardwoods evokes comparison to the granite peaks and tree-dotted landscapes surrounding the Treasure Valley.
  • Campus visitors are exposed to the landscape on a variety of sensory levels, including unique scents, varied textures, soothing sounds and inspiring views.
  • The upper entry plaza is defined by raised planters, reflective water features and seating areas enclosed by building canopies and formal tree plantings.
  • A sunken oasis is surrounded by dense plantings including native materials, which offer a sanctuary-life buffer from the urban bustle outside. Designed with planters, movable seating, seat walls, horizontal screens, vertical green walls and shade structures, the office tower’s upper floors house five terraces, offering public and private experiences.
  • Innovative strategies maximize on-site infiltration. Storm water is collected and percolated into ground water within the large lawn area. Permeable plazas reduce storm water runoff volume and rates. Green roof systems on the office tower collect and control runoff and act as an insulator for the building. Numerous large trees and shrub/groundcover areas increase shade, reducing loss of water due to transpiration and evapotranspiration improving water use efficiency.

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