RIVERSIDE, Cali. — The Harvest Group, a landscape business training and consulting firm, has created a new peer networking group for entrepreneurial lawn and landscape professionals. The Harvest Leader’s Group will bring together members for a group of like-minded, like-sized, and non-competing companies that can help each other tackle issues that businesses struggle to solve.

The members will work together to test ideas, share new strategies or solve problems such as key management, financial and operations issues.

The Harvest Leaders’ Group is a place where peers engage in:

  • Blind spots, hot spots and soft spots – we shine a light into members’ blind-spots, cool down emotional hot spots and harden soft spots
  • Questioning answers – we question the answers, assumptions and beliefs that drive behaviors and habits
  • Care-frontation – we confront each other directly because we care
  • Processing issues including business, professional development, personal growth and quality of life, helping members to be in the driver’s seat.

After applying online for the Harvest Leader’s Group, you will be contacted by Lead Facilitator Fred Haskett, and matched with a group that fits your needs. Typically, your group will meet face-to-face two times and on conference calls four times throughout the year.