Summertime… and the living is easy. At least that’s how homeowners are feeling this year when it comes to their landscapes. From the relaxing roar of a backyard fire to destressing sports courts to low-maintenance gardens, homeowners are opting for carefree choices when upgrading their landscapes.

In fact, as a part of the American Society of Landscape Architect’s members survey this year, landscape architects predicted the top trends in each of the following categories that they expect their clients to focus on this summer. Check out their insight and see if this plays out with your customers in your market.

The top three most popular outdoor design elements:

  1. Fire pits/fireplaces
  2. Landscape lighting
  3. Wireless/internet connectivity

The top seven landscape and garden elements:

  1. Native plants
  2. Low-maintenance landscapes
  3. Food/vegetable gardens
  4. Pergolas
  5. Decks
  6. Arbors
  7. Fencing

The top three sustainable elements:

  1. Rainwater/graywater harvesting
  2. Native/adapted drought-tolerant plants
  3. Permeable paving

The top three outdoor recreation amenities:

  1. Sports courts
  2. Spa features
  3. Swimming pools