Shade + Water = Refuge

Want to see more shade, more aquatic views and smarter gardening ideas in the landscape? Then you’ll want to visit the Naples Botanical Garden in Naples, Florida, after it undergoes a $1 million transformation, which started this spring.

Miami-based landscape architect Raymond Jungles designed the renovation, and he’s the perfect man for the job since he also created its Brazilian garden and new entry gardens.

With the new design, the native plants garden, which is relatively flat now, will become a 13-foot-high area of land. A 25-by-40-foot chickee hut with a two-tier roof will sit on its peak facing Lake Tupke. Another smaller, 20-by-30-foot chickee will face the botanical garden’s largest lake, which happens to also be its best bird-watching spot, says Naples Botanical Garden Executive Director Brian Holley.

Also, several small ponds, containing Florida aquatic plants, will feed into a rivulet that will cascade into Lake Tupke. Here, the sounds as well as the sites of water will appeal to visitors.

Added trees will offer shade around an adjacent labyrinth, and a circular rest area will get some shade palms over its benches.

As Holley told the Naples Daily News, “It can be kind of a refuge, really a multipurpose space.”

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