Irrigation Products


With a major drought in part of the country and new water restrictions every day, you need to find ways to keep the landscapes you maintain healthy and lush with less water. This month’s Product Focus to Irrigation Products features innovative ways to keep water usage in check while still providing the best job for your clients.

American Hydro Systems

Provides environmentally friendly irrigation injection solutions, such as the Rid O’ Rust system for well water irrigation rust stains or Nature-Shield All-Natural Pest Repellant.


The latest addition to Armada’s wire and valve locators, the Pro800D features eight D batteries and utilizes electronic filtration, wireless connection and has 20 percent more power.


Baseline’s biSensor soil moisture sensors use Time Domain Transmission (TDT) technology to measure volumetric soil moisture and automatically self-adjust with the season.


DriWater time release water is pure potable slow-release water that delivers moisture directly to roots. Eliminate hand or truck watering and short-term irrigation systems.

Global Span Products

The pipe sizer model #PS-7A gives an instant and exact method to identify pipe sizes in the field. Member tested and recommended by Handyman Club of America.

Hunter Industries

The Solar Sync ET sensor measures sunlight and temperature, and uses ET to determine the correct seasonal adjustment percentage value to send to the controller. Compatible with most Hunter controllers.

Irrometer Co., Inc.

The wireless Multiple Hydrozone System works with existing AC irrigation controller to eliminate programmed irrigations when plants have adequate soil moisture.

Rain Bird

The ESP-SMTe Smart Control System consists of a controller chassis with an integrated smart panel and on-site weather station that includes a temperature sensor with integrated solar shield and more.

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