The more you know about irrigation, the better resource you can be for your clients. Smart Irrigation Month is intended to educate irrigation technicians and their clients about benefits of water-use efficiency. Use these stories to learn more about water saving technology, smart irrigation best practices, Wi-Fi connectivity, irrigation scheduling and to encourage smarter water usage with your customers.

1. Smart Irrigation Requires Smart Water Managers

Smart Irrigation Requires Smart Water Managers

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In spite of the incredible technology embedded within today’s smart irrigation systems — wireless operation, flow sensing, automatic trouble-shooting, etc. — the knowledge and oversight of skilled irrigators is still needed to keep the systems performing in the manner promised.

2. Irrigation Management with Smartphones

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These technological advancements have become an upsell because now landscape professionals can present a traditional controller to a customer and tell them how it works, but then also give them the option of the new cloud-based system with the advantage of being able to remotely manage their irrigation systems.

3. How Smart Irrigation is Changing Water Management

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Manufacturers are adding extra features to traditional irrigation controllers that make them more efficient and water conscious, including the incorporation of Wi-Fi connectivity. Now updating information on your controller is as easy as picking up a Wi-Fi device: smartphone, tablet, etc. Not only are these advancements convenient, they are good for the environment as well.

4. Constantly Seeking Irrigation Efficiency

Constantly Seeking Efficiency

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“We like to have specialized, trained people doing irrigation work. And because irrigation is such a unique trade, it’s easier to have one person train one team. It’s different than just hopping on a mower and going,” says Ben Full, an irrigation division leader at All-Terrain Grounds Maintenance in Fargo, North Dakota. “You need a dedicated crew. You can’t try to train everyone in the company in irrigation. There are so many different things you need to know.”

5. Irrigation Scheduling Tips For Contractors

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Make good use of already-available educational materials. Many local and national organizations have already developed free water-saving materials that you can share with your clients to teach them the importance of efficient irrigation. The WaterSense program has a website that can be used to educate residential customers nationwide.