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Ugliest Yard Contestants Need Your Help — Pronto

Do you want to see ugly as in dog-butt ugly? I’m referring to the winners and contestants of the recent “Ugliest Yard Contest” sponsored...
Weather’s Crucial Role In Turf Pest Outbreaks

Weather’s Crucial Role in Turf Pest Outbreaks

Turfgrass managers are always asking me to forecast which insects will become major pests the next season. I usually quip, "It's too complicated." Or,...

5 Tips To Keep Lawns Alive During A Drought

There's a lot of pressure on people to give up their lawns for the drought, but you don't have to scrap it completely to...

University Seeks Monetary Damages From Lawn Care Misapplication

FINDLAY, Ohio — More than 300,000 square feet of turfgrass on The University of Findlay campus in northwest Ohio died after a lawn care...

It’s All About The Water

Different turf management programs have different approaches to water use. During most years in New England, less rainfall in the summer coupled with heat...

European Chafer Grub Species Found In Indiana

ROME CITY, Ind. - A new species of white grub has infested and damaged turf in Gaff Park and the grassy turf on the...

Horgan Named TOCA Environmental Communicator of the Year

MILWAUKEE, WIS. – Dr. Brian Horgan, department of horticultural services at the University of Minnesota, has been named the 2015 Turf & Ornamental Communicators...
Seeding Solutions

Seeding Solutions

Over the years, turfgrass professionals have created seed mixes specifically blended to ensure disease and insect resistance, water use efficiency and traffic tolerance. This...

7 Steps To More Ecological Fertilization

Fertilization services can strengthen turf roots by providing them with the nutrients they need. But concerns about runoff, watershed contamination and soil health have made...

Summer Grassy & Broadleaf Weed Control

Help comes in the form of newer herbicides, combo products.
Autonomous Snow Plow

Remote-Operated, Autonomous Industrial Snow Plow Hits The Market

Teleo and Storm Equipment have introduced America’s only remote-operated and autonomous industrial snow plow.

Proposed Tax Break For Government Snow Removal Equipment In CA

California Senate Bill 546 proposes an exemption from the state sales and use tax for public entities purchasing dedicated snow removal vehicles.

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[VIDEO] Dickies®: Discover Workwear That’s Anything But Uniform

Looking for uniform solutions for your large team? An unmatched inventory and versatile looks are just a few reasons why companies trust Dickies®.
Husqvarna Chainsaws

Husqvarna Launches New Game-Changing Innovation In Chainsaws

The new T542i XP® and 542i XP® chainsaws from Husqvarna feature game changing features and benefits for tree and landscape professionals.

Final Bloom Of Beloved “Stumpy” Cherry Tree Is National News

Stumpy, a scraggly cherry tree who became beloved as a symbol of resilience during the pandemic, is marking its last Spring. Seawall rehabilitation of the Tidal Basin in Washington, D.C. will require its removal in May.
Design-Build Equipment

Get Equipped: Design-Build Equipment

From trenchers to compact track loaders and excavators, this assortment of design-build equipment will help your professional lawn care and landscaping services team get the job done.
Lakeside Landscape Project:

Lakeside Landscape Project: Manitou Watch

Twin Bay Landscaping designs dunegrasses, a boardwalk, and cozy gathering spaces to honor the lake life.