A Look Inside LA Firm Benefits


If there were an open position at your company, how would the job ad attract you as a potential employee? Does your company look appealing to a new landscape architect looking for a position?

What kind of employee benefits do you offer? Do you think they seal the deal when it comes time for a job candidate to choose your company over a competitive company?

A recent American Society of Landscape Architects‘ survey asked landscape architecture firms questions about employee benefits, including family leave and flexible schedules, to give us a picture of what the typical company offers. Take a look at these statistics and see how your company stacks up.

Some 61.24 percent of firms with two or more employees indicated they offer paid leave for significant family events. Additionally, 26.36 percent said they provide unpaid family leave, and 6.98 percent did not provide any leave.

According to ASLA survey respondents, the most common types of family leave provided by firms with two or more employees included maternity leave (55.56 percent), paternity leave (38.89 percent), child illness (38.10 percent) and eldercare (20.63 percent). Some 30.53 percent of firms with two or more employees offer dependent care flexible spending accounts that allow parents to use pretax dollars to pay for childcare, and 59.54 percent do not.

Additionally, firms with two or more employees said they offer professional development and mentoring opportunities (93.08 percent), tuition reimbursements (49.61 percent), and flexible schedules and/or telecommuting (83.08 percent).

What kind of benefits do you think are the most important to offer employees at your landscape design or architecture company and why?

Editor’s note: This article was originally published in May 2015 and has been updated.