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Everyone loves the sound of trickling water. There’s something about bubbling brooks and meandering streams and whooshing waterfalls that calms us, taking us to a place of serenity and comfort.

No wonder water features continue to be highly requested by consumers.

In fact, according to a recent American Society of Landscape Architects’ survey, 46 percent of landscape architects expect their clients to request decorative water elements this year, 29 percent predict clients will ask for ponds/streams, 36 percent claim customers will request swimming pools and 40 percent say homeowners will desire spa features.

What specifically are landscape professionals seeing as key water feature trends this summer?

Water View Pools in Austin, Texas, predicts these top three trends:

    1. Infinity pools, also known as vanishing-edge pools, that help accentuate views
    2. EcoSmart pools, which use oxygen electrodes and copper cleaning technology versus salt, chlorine or other chemicals
    3. Petite pools, for cost- and space-conscious consumers who don’t want to do laps but want to cool off in their compact yards